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First PL meet

So I’m slated to compete in the IPA meet on June 22nd in York, PA. I am near clueless as this would be my first meet.
Some questions I have:

  1. What type of routine should I follow right before the meet (4-6 weeks before)?

  2. Should I cut weight?

  3. Any other helpful hints would be good

    Thanks in advance


It’s pretty hard to answer any of those questions without knowing where you are at right now.

  1. If your strength is good for your weight class continue with what you are doing, there is no need to reinvent the wheel because you think there is some sexy “ultimate peaking” plan out there. A lot of people tend to shut it down or lift very lightly (keeping their form intact) for a week or two before the meet, just do what makes you feel strong and save the biggest lift for the platform.

  2. Cutting weight for your first meet is probably not a great idea, unless you are very close to the cutoff (like you weight 184 and want to compete 181) otherwise you risk losing some strength in an effort to make weight.

  3. Have fun

As for 3: Make sure you get your singlet now and learn how to lift with verbal commands.

As a fairly novice lifter myself (2 meets under my belt) i will tell you what i experienced and the advice i got.

1.) Get your singlet yesterday, as well as socks, shoes, etc. Get your equipment
2.) Get your verbal commands down. I was fine for squats and deads, but i fucked up royally for my bench. Was not used to the pause on the bench. So know that coming for you
3.) i was told not to cut weight for your first competition, just do it to get your confidence up. Personally, i cut weight both times and i feel it did not hinder me much at all. The way i see it, im looking to do the best i can, so im going to lift as heavy as i can as light as i can. It all depends really on what you weigh and what you want to compete at
4.) From personal experience and what ive seen at my second meet, get excited because its fun, but not too pumped. These meets are more marathons than sprints. A lot of new guys get too pumped, and it effects their lifting, which leads me too…
5.) choose lifts that you can do. My opinion, make your first attempt like 90% of something you know you can do if not less. You do NOT want to bomb out (like i did) on your first meet. I was soooo pissed i got so drunk and couldnt move for a day. For example, on bench at my last comp, i did a 300 first, 315 second (those i know i can do) and 330 for a third. Now i know i can probably bench more than 330, but combined with the tired from the squat and confidence i will get going into deads, i stuck with 330. So be smart with your weights.
6.) Eat lots of carbs and chicken after weigh in
7.) Break hearts and lifts weights
Have fun at it son, it’s an amazing experience. So much fun.

I think I’m gunna cut 10lbs to get into the 181 class. I feel way more confident going into 181 than a 198. Thanks for the advice.