First PL Meet in June

Been training for my 1st powerlifting meet this July and I am always looking
for insights and pointers and I figured this site would have a cornucopia of knowledge…Jay

It kind of does, but without knowing anything about you, your training or your goals it’s really hard to give you any useful advice.

215 lbs 59 years young been working out for many years currently doing 4 workouts per week in my 1st powerlifting meet I am just doing bench this time out, supplements bcaa, creatine,fish oil, test boosters, protein, pre workout and of course co q 10…One rep max 315 goal 365 by July or bust…Jay

  1. Make sure you are familiar with all the rules and commands etc specific to the federation you are competing under, if you have done so already you’ll want to practice benching to the commands as you will on meet day.

  2. Select an opener you can smoke with a decent pause.

  3. Have fun and feel free to ask those with more experience on the day any questions you may have - most everyone at meets are happy to help out first timers.

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Thanks I appreciate the information and will use it wisely…Jay

I’ve found folks pretty helpful even among the veteran powerlifters.

Learn the commands and take the week off prior to the meet. My trainer sets my programming but ramping up to the meet things get intense, starting with volume, then moving to heavy triples, doubles and singles. Then a week off that is oh so sweet. That week off followed by eating like a boss post-meet feels so amazing. So beyond the adrenaline pump and potential PRs on meet day, I love the entire process.

And I’ve only done 3 meets.

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Oh, and FWIW, my next meet is in June. This week is a deload, Followed by 7 weeks of hell, then that week off prior to the meet.