First Pics

5’10, 185
background: USMC, MMA, Wrestling
goals: get bigger, DL 500

better traps

You gave yourself a 10, don’t lie.

Haha, that’s funny Lanky.

OP where from South Cack are you from?

Not a great guide, but go to this link
and give us some decent poses.

down in beaufort… i’ve got a few more pics, but i’m not trying to be a BBer.

give myself a 10? ya sure… every man needs self-confidence right?.. but no i didnt

The point behind doing standard poses is that it makes it easier for us to compare and thus rate you to other people. If everyone is doing different poses we get different angles and etc. It just makes it easier to compare is all.

ur poses are terrible

Good lats, arms are lacking. Watch your BF.

I was the 2nd person to view this thread and you had a 10 rating…I’m just assuming you were the first person to view it (and I asked you nicely not to lie).

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it was you or not…some better poses would be nice. Also, how long have you been lifting…Wait a little longer and then post your before and after so we can see your progress.

For a dudewho is involved in USMC, Wrestling and MMA you look awfully doughy, sorry.

used to be a lot leaner…but regardless of how doughy i look i can still do 25 pullups and 3 miles in 20min., aesthetics are not the focus of Marine Corps physical fitness… anyway, this was a quick attempt to bulk up a little bit, did put on about 20-25lbs in 6 months, so i’ll just keep this as my before shots, and i’ll post again in a few months. i’ve been lifting with common sence for about 6-8 months, before that it was some half-ass full body workouts maybe 1x a week at the most. i did manage a 465 deadlift the other day…just had a sudden burst of power… doesnt happen very often

yeah, arms are most definately lacking, i have no chest either as it seems. just getting into a benchpress groove… so that should be solved in a few months.

i stopped the bulk attempt and i’m just going to focus on getting enough protein and lifting the right stuff… because anything extra i eat either goes to lovehandles, or i run it off… so for the time being it’s chicken,steak, eggs, milk, and pasta