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First Pics are Up


26 years
10.5% bodyfat
9 weeks into cut diet
still cutting down for summer


pic 2 from the back


pic 3 from the back


front again


back lat


rear bicep


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Sprinter in high school, wrestler in high school, wrestler in college and then powerlifter in graduate school (started Jan 2008) till March of this year. April 1st is when I made the call to go formal bodybuilding based training and goals. I was not happy with 14% bf back then so I decided to lean out first for summer and then see where my true and obvious weaknesses were rather then down play them due to fat mass making me appear bigger then I really am.

And yes, 6'2'' as a an ecto blows for trying to add mass! More so with the recent news of blood work that my prolactin levels went up further and my T levels dropped a bit as well since Feb this year.....FML!


No offense but your "obvious weaknesses" is just one weakness for now, which is a lack of mass.

You should be training for mass right now, not to improve weak parts after you finish dieting down.



I'll 2nd the above two statements. I would ditch the "cut" and focus on adding some good mass.



Y U Do Cut?

U no do cut!

U should B Bulk!



but srsly, adding some quality mass first would be a good idea. If you cut any further it doesn't look like there will be much left (no offence meant). MOAR FOOD.


You are clearly not familiar with Hallowed... but thanks!




I say go for it if he wants to finish the cut. You don't have the most aesthetically-pleasing frame to look at with your thick obliques ("luv handles"). 30-50lbs of lean mass and you'll be looking like a monster. Good chest shape.


I really want to get down t0 10% and assess things from there. My hope is that I am around 10% even by the next check in which for me is Sunday mornings. If that's the case I will take new pics, measurements etc., and then look to follow a more mass friendly diet.

I plan to go with an outline based on what Shelby has spoken about in a prior article about realistic, lean mass gains for the natty lifter. He talks about having a max genetic potential of about .5 a week or 2lbs a month. Faster gains are possible but fat tends to become a part of the "mass" gains beyond the 2lb increase.

I know that sounds slow to most but 24lbs in 1 year would be freaking amazing for an ecto-stork like myself. I want mass I can keep and solidify year to year, not just 6 months of there-and-gone weight.

His article had someone like myself with a lean weight of 170lbs, consuming 3440 calories a day. Thats where I will start my intake at from the 2600 a day I have been on for about 9 weeks now. I will need to play with macros as well bit I'll deal with that when the time comes.

I plan to stay with a very similar training plan as to what I have now which is a 4 day split with 2 upper and 2 lower body days. Reps are low to mid range but never higher then 12 for anything accept some minor assessory movements here and there. Free weights, compound lifts, sessions no longer then 90 minutes, warm up to conditioning end.

One change I will make is that all my high intensity cardio will be tagged to the end of my weight days in the form of resisted parachute sprints in the number of ~6-8 reps of 50 yards max. My 3 rest days will be for complete rest or an optional 30 minutes of leisure walking around the neighborhood.


You said above you are an ecto-stork so why all the cardio? You mentioned "conditioning" and "Parachute Sprints" and defended it by saying you are only looking to gain about two pounds a week. As a ecto-stork you should ditch the physical activities that don't lead you to your goal.

You come off as a smart guy with a very well thought out plan so my only real advise is to not worry about losing site of shore to reach a new destination. In this cheesy saying the shore is your abs and the destination is mass.

Lift, Eat, Rest.


LMAO, that made me laugh for a couple minutes.

To the OP, you really do need to add some mass dude. Even if you don't wanna get huge and shit, you look a bit Auschwitz-ian in those pix.


Auschwitz-ian.....that hurt a bit yep, I can take it but that hurt...