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First Physique Comp This Summer. Thoughts?


Hey guys, I’m 17 and thinking about doing my first competition this summer in men’s physique (teen obviously), but I don’t know if I’m big enough. My arms are 15.5" (flexed, cold), my calves are very good, and my chest is okay (I think), but my back kinda sucks ass. I’m currently 5’ 9.5", 168 lbs at 12-15% fat (scale says 12, but I think 15 is more realistic).

Do you think I’m big enough to do well, or should I put it off for a year or two and get bigger? The above pics are from a month or two ago, so I was maybe at 16-18% fat then.


Yes, add more muscle, but don’t wait forever to compete either!


Alright, thanks! Any idea about how much muscle mass I should add?


All of it. :smiley:


Hopefully someone with more competition experience will also chime in but in my opinion you would be better off waiting. You should model your training after someone like frank zane. Focus on “aesthetic” muscle groups throughout the body, Upper chest, medial delts, lats, calves, forearms, rear delts. Don’t neglect compound movements but if your going to do physique comps you would alternate your choices. For example doing low incline dumbbell presses as your first exercise instead of the barbell bench press or maybe focusing on lateral raises rather than doing heavy shrugs etc.


Can you honestly look at his photos and know he isn’t doing that now?

You’re 17, go for it. I’m sure you’ll look competitive at a local teen show.


The worst that is going to happen is you are going to learn.