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First PH Cycle


I am a 24 year old lifter who has seen his numbers stagnate over the last few years. From childhood I have struggled with dyspraxia which is known to prevent muscle growth as well as causing a variety of other problems.

I have been in gyms for 7 years now, orriginally as a rugby player, more recently PLing for 3 years and OLing for 3 months. I simply want to be bigger stronger faster, and acheive things that are considered relatively normal and common place for praxic people.

I know that steroids are certainly not a cure all and I will still have some problems, but I wouldn't be myself if i wasn't willing to take chances and will myself to success. I am aware that steroids may disqualify me from certain leagues and competitions, but its not like i was a OL gold medal hopeful anyway.


I am planning on starting my first cycle in september/october this year, to conicide with working shorter hours. I plan on oraly taking, commercially available pills containing:

â?¢ 3b-enanthoxyandrost-1-en-17-one (Super-1-DHEA)
â?¢ 3b-enanthoxyandrost-4-en-17-one (Super-4-DHEA)

In the form of a product which name rhymes with blANDROMASS (I get the impression this thread might be removed if i was more specific, but if you want more details PM me) for 6 weeks . I shall be taking 3 capsules a day which is believed by the manufacturers to have anabolic potency of 428mg/week of injectable testosterone enanthate. I understand that this is a short cycle, but as its my first one I want to err on the side of caution. Secondarily this is the manufacturers recomendation.

I am still working out what my post cycle treatment should be and what liver care I should be taking (it appears that this product excludes methylated versions of hormones, but I would rather be safe than sorry).


My specific goals are to become both bigger and stronger than would otherwise be possible, improving my ability to PL/OL. I would be fairly easy to please in terms of numerical increases, so I'm setting my sights low:

+20kgs on snatch/CJ
+20kgs on bench
+30kgs squat/deadlift

+10 kgs muscle (ignoring water retention)

As this is my first cycle I am more interested in seeing how my body reacts than seeing my numbers explode. If I can avoid negative side effects through PCT and make respectable gains then i would be happy to start planning a longer cycle


That sounds highly optimistic. I am no chemist and can't comment on whether that is evenly remotely true, but I find it highly improbable. Theory and reality don't always coincide.



However, the advice to use this before i try AAS comes from a PL i trust a lot. I am not too worried that the dosage would be too low, because I can always up it for future cycles or move on to AAS for future cycles.

Thinking about it, there are a couple of PLs i should have emailed before I started this thread.


What was your question?


Just what PCT they use, where they get it, and if they have used PH before. The product I'm going to use seems very popular inm the UK, but i have spoken to more people who have thought about using it, or know someone who has used it than people who have ever taken it.


Why not use legitimate steroids?



I don't know where people have gotten the idea that PH are somehow safer than legit AAS, which have thousands of medical trials and literature to back them up.


your right. PH < AAS however as AAS are both illegal and expensive, I thought it might be better to try something thats easier to get my hands on. Also the same company sells PCT and liver support so it looks great.

It looks like my cycle is going to come in at less than £10 per week excluding PCT and liver support.


You should not rely on the "pct" the company sells.. unless it is legitimate tamoxifen or clomid..or tormifene


If youre in the UK, AAS are NOT illegal. And they are only expensive because youre looking in the wrong place.

And no supplement site that sells PHs also sells prescription drugs necessary for PCT.

You have so much reasearch to do.