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First PH Cycle - Super Nova / Epidrone

Hello â?? Last year I bought a supplement stack from Complete Nutrition; Super Nova and Epi-Drone from Legal Limit Labs (Ingredients below). I know they have bad prices and all of that but its too late I already bought the stuff and have recently started taking it. I held off on taking it because I got a bad shoulder injury right after I bought it and also I am very worried about side effects. I really need some advice on how to take this stuff safely, I am only going to do this once, after this stuff is gone I will not take anything else unless I get it from a doctor later in life… (TRT or HGH)

I have never taken anything before other than pre-workout and protein. I am 27 years old and weigh 165 pounds. I have been lifting weights for over 10 years, wrestling for 5 years, boxing for 5 years and started training BJJ and Muy Thai 2 years ago. I am naturally pretty cut/ripped and I am a very hard gainer. I usually eat 4-5 times per day. My goal is to SAFELY gain 10-15 pounds of lean muscle. Goal Weight is 180 lbs. The most I have ever weighed is 170 which I am nearly up to now.

The guy at complete nutrition told me to take the super nova alone with the optimizer for the first two weeks, blend them both for two weeks and then start taking the Epi-Drone alone for the last two weeks (with optimizer) to finish the cycle; and then take a post cycle that has natural test and also something for estrogen blockers etcâ?¦ (I have not purchased this yet)

I was planning on doing this but since I am very concerned about negative side effects, (ED, heart problems, hair loss, mood swings, acne) I am not sure I should take the full cycle of both bottles at once. I am not sure if I should consume all of this stuff, three pills a day for 6 weeks. Perhaps I should take a less amount and break it into a 4 week cycle… Take two weeks of super nova, and then two weeks of Epi-Drone and then a post cycle? There are 90 pills in each bottle so if I take 3 pills a day that is 60 days of taking the pills… If anything I would like to break it into 2 different month long cycles to be more safe?

Then perhaps wait 3-4 months and take the rest in the spring? I could really use some help as I am pretty nervous about this. I donâ??t want to damage myself or hurt my natural ability to produce test… Also I have not yet purchased a Post Cycle, I defiantly dont want to take any more advice from the ppl at complete nutrition. I really appreciate all of your help and feedback.

Super Nova
2a-17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one,17b-ol 10mg
6,7,-dyhydroxybergamottin (DHB), Vanadyl, Bioperine 22.5mg


2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol at 10mg and 6,7,-dyhydroxybergamottin(DBH), Vanadyl, Bioperine at 22.5mg

Thank you

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So let me get this straight, your worried about sides, you don’t want to mess yourself up, you having nothing for pct, you don’t know how to do a pct, and you don’t know how to cycle what you bought. But you’ve already started it?

Yes Toby, I just just join these boards. Thank you for pointing that out for the people who are unable to read my profile stats.

I do know how to do a PCT, and I have an idea of what to purchase, but I just don’t trust the people at Complete Nutrition. I have been reading the sticky threads on this board so I have an idea of how to PCT. I would rather gain knowledge from educated, like minded people on within a community like this who are not concerned about selling me something.

I am not looking for someone to plan my cycle out for me; rather some practical advice that will help me succeed and avoid negative side effects.

Could anyone assist a new member of the community with any advice?

Many Thanks


To clarify, I was told how to cycle this by two different guys at Complete Nutrition. I could take their advice but I am seeking a more knowledgeable opinion.

I have been taking it as recommended since Oct 26th.

Thank you

Why would you start a cycle of anything without even knowing how to do it properly?

I have been working at Complete Nutrition for 6 months now. I have taken both of the products you have and I am currently taking Super Nova alone. The way you were told to stack them is how I would stack them as well. The super nova will cause some water weight but some awesome strength gains. The Epi will help take care of the water weight while maintaining the strength.

You should have researched how to PCT properly before starting to be honest. But you already started so oh well. The Complete I work at has the stuff needed for pct. Are you taking any kind of liver support??

But since I work at Complete you properly shouldnt trust me right? lol

Well thanks for you input. To reply to BUDs question: I thought that I knew how to “do it properly”. If you would take a moment to read my post in its entirety you would see that I was instructed by two different people on how to take it. Who knows the information that I got may even be correct, The point is I am asking for a a non biased opinion on how to take it properly and avoid side effects.

Goat - Thanks for your advice. I do have a liver support that I am taking now, its an optimizer with milk weed thistle and also an Estrogen blocker. It also has a prostate support complex. I purchased two bottles of this at complete nutrition when I purchased the stack. They were quite expensive.

My question is this: (If someone could please help without flaming and trolling that would be great) There are 90 pills in each bottle, it is recommended to take 3 pills per day, even on non-lifting days.

That means I would be taking the stack for 60 days, which is 8.5 weeks. The plan the complete nutrition employee wrote for me is a 6 week cycle.

Does that mean I am supposed to take 3 pills of Super Nova and Also 3 pills of Epi-Drone during the middle of the cycle when he advised me to be taking both. I would be apprehensive to be taking both of them at the same time in the full dosage.

Is that how you stacked them?

I’m not going to lie Complete Nutrition is pretty expensive. But the products are generally top notch.

As for the cycle, yes you will be taking 3 of each for 2 weeks. That is how most people use those together. You don’t necessarily have to do it that way though.

Cycle 1: 2 weeks super nova, 2 weeks overlap with epi, 2 weeks just epi
Cycle 2: 4 weeks super nova, then 4 weeks epi
Cycle 3: 3 weeks super nova, overlap for 1 week with epi, then 3 weeks just epi

There is a few different ways to go about taking them. I have taken them all the ways listed above. I have also used super nova as a jump start for some other stuff.

So for two weeks I will be taking 3 pills of Super Nova per day and also 3 pills of Epi-Drone? Also then will I be taking 4 optimizer per day?

I don’t know to me that just sounds like a lot of stuff to be taking? I guess the middle is the peak of the cycle though?

You will start to notice changes around week 2 strength increases, etc. The best gains start weeks 3-4. So weeks 5-6 are just to help carry those gains.

Week 1-2
Breakfast: 1 Super
Lunch: 1 Super
30-45 minutes before gym: 1 Super

Week 3-4
Breakfast: 1 Super and 1 Epi
Lunch: 1 Super and 1 Epi
30-45 minutes before gym: 1 Super and 1 Epi

Week 5-6
Breakfast: 1 Epi
Lunch: 1 Epi
30-45 minutes before gym: 1 Epi

I am not sure what the “optimizer” is that you are taking. Whats the name on the bottle? Pill colors?

LOL complete nutrition is such a joke. All the shit they sell there will fuckkkk youuuu upppppp. GL WITH YOUR CYCLE!!!

[quote]jck524 wrote:
LOL complete nutrition is such a joke. All the shit they sell there will fuckkkk youuuu upppppp. GL WITH YOUR CYCLE!!![/quote]

No shit. Fuck complete nutrtion. Fuck this guy and everyone else who works there who gets these dumbass unaware kids to do PH cycles with bullshit pct just to make a buck. And also fuck this kid for actually going through with it and not researching like he should have done in the first place.

Complete Nutrition hasn’t sold PH cycles for almost a year lol. But I completely agree with you that the “PCT” stuff at Complete is garbage and wont do shit. People should research a proper PCT prior to starting any cycle that’s just common sense.

As for the PH products. I have taken most of the ones that Complete sold. They never fuckkkkeddd meeee uppppp. LOL Its just like using gear… when done properly you will be fine.

I wouldn’t waste a cent on any ph all that shit is garbage and the majority of people that sell them don’t know shit they just puh their product to young kids that don’t know any better to make a buck.

At least with real steroids you know what you are injecting instead of that ph garbage where you have no clue what they cram in that pill. Then they sell their worthless pct shit with it. If your gonna “cycle” then use the real shit not the bullshit crap some nutrition store sells

The bottle is yellow and says “Optimizer” Anabolic Supplement. All Cycle Therapy (ACT) for prostate, liver and anti estrogen support. 255 mg

Each Pull contains:

Anti-Estrogen Complex
*Chrysin (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone), Calcium D-Glucarate - 125 mg

Liver and Blood Detoxifying Complex
*Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Silybum Maranum Seed - 75 mg

Prostate Support Complex
*Saw Palmetto. Pygeum Extract

And maybe sometime I will use some “real shit” but if you recall from the start of the post, I bought this a long time ago and was uneducated and I am trying to make the most of it…

Anyway I would rather get a REAL PCT…

One of my buddies is a juicer on the “real shit” and he has been doing it for a long time. He said he can likely get me some Clomid which is a SERM so I will hopefully get some of that from him… IS that all I will need or would I need a natural test booster as well?

I don’t want to blindly listen to anyone, not even my friend even though I have known him since little league baseball he says that his balls as the size of raisins. I don’t want that happening to me!

Crap… So I posted a similar thread on Supplement reviews and everyone is telling me to stop taking the Super Nova (super-drol) they are saying that if it is my first cycle my body is in no way shape or form ready to be on super-drol and that I should stop taking it immediateness. They are saying to take the Epi-Drone only and save the super drol for a later stack…

Damn it…

Hey Toby,

FUCK YOU, because your an asshole who is hating on people who are actually doing research and doing a lot of reading and reaching out to people… I may have gotten taken by complete nutrition for a couple hundred dollars but I am trying to make the most of it safely.

Good thing everyone in the bodybuilding/lifting community isn’t a fucking prick like you…

Your probably just jealous because all your years of juicing and lifting and you’re still an out of shape fat fucking asshole… Or you fucked up yourself and thats why you don’t want to help others…

by the way… I found a post on the PROPER way to run Super-Drol and its 10/20/20… SO yes complete nutrition should be SHUT DOWN. Also what anti estrogen that CI sells people doesnt work and its worthless. The main anti E agent is Chrysin and doesnt help at all

“Advertised as an aromatase inhibitor supplement by bodybuilders and athletes.[2][3] However, studies done in vivo show that orally administered chrysin does not have clinical aromatase inhibitor activity.[4][5] This has led to some practitioners administering the drug transdermally(through the skin).
Since chrysin is available as an herbal supplement, some users, for instance body builders, are taking chrysin with the hope of raising testosterone levels or stimulating testosterone production. One study listed below did not find chrysin supplementation to lead to any significant increase in testosterone production.
Chrysin was once believed to be an effective aromatase inhibitor, decreasing the levels of estrogen in the body. However, there is growing consensus that chrysin has no effect on estrogen levels in either animals or humans.[6] Early evidence was reported in the early 1980s through in vitro studies (in the laboratory, as opposed to in the body).[7][8][9][10][11][12][13] Unfortunately, follow-up studies determined that cell membranes effectively block chrysin from entering the cells and having any effect at all on estrogen levels in biological organisms.[9][14][4] In vivo (in the body) studies involving biological organisms lend support to the observation that chrysin has no effect on estrogen levels, but may have other detrimental effects to the body, particularly to thyroid function.[15] For instance, a 30 day study administered chrysin to four groups of mice both orally and via injection to examine chrysin’s effect on serum estrogen levels. The results showed that chrysin had no effect on estrogen levels. Further, the mice treated with chrysin became considerably fatter, possibly due to chrysin’s ability to disrupt thyroid function.[16] Another study on rats administered 50 mg of chrysin per kg body weight, considerably more than found in dietary supplements. Chrysin was found to have no ability to inhibit aromatase, possibly due to poor absorption or bioavailability.[4]”

SO thanks for offering no help at all either of yoU!