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First-Person Base Jumping in Switzerland


Holy Crap.

Those squirrel suits are awesome.

Saw this on 60 minutes.

Yes, that was pretty fucking cool. Flying 120 mph. I would hate to clip a cliff.

Check out this clip


That’s just insane. Yet I wouldn’t hesitate doing it:P Good video quality on that first one. Wonder what kind of cameras these guys use?

These are actually called wing suits. They are an amazing piece of equipment. I am a USPA licensed skydiver, and had hopped to be able to jump one, however after having to have my right shoulder reconstructed back in 2005, I haven’t jumped since, though hoping next summer to get recurrent.

If you do a search on youtube for wing suit you can find some amazing video! Also do a search for wingsuit and flock. They have been doing large formation jumps out of aircraft with 20+ wingsuits flying in formation!

I dunno. I think I would feel safer sky diving than base jumping. I don’t think I could do it. That’s just insane.