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First Peptide Cycle for Purely Muscle Mass


Hello, I’m pl anning my first peptide cycle for bulking. Looking to gain and keep muscle mass, not so much as strength. I’ve done my research and was going to run these two compounds for 12 weeks…

Cjc-1295 SAC
Ipamoralin or ghrp-6, depending on which is more cost efficient.

Thoughts and recommendations on if this is evennworthwhile? Or worth the money? I’ve heard overall thh t results are slow and consistent


I would recommend MK677 instead


Wow just now heard about this. Seems better… keep the ghrp with it?


Ok so it’s either cjc 1295 with dac, or mk677. I like ths t mk677 is oral, and that the dac cjc doesn’t take as much injections, but can’t find much research on the mk677. Why would you recommend it over cjc?


I’ve done CJC1295/Ipamorelin. It’s not worth the money.

Never tried MK677.

Tried generic HGH, worked great for muscle and strength but hated the bloat and joint pain.


What kind of results did you get for you to say it isn’t worth it. Well the site I bought off of had mk677 for 4 times as much as the cjc, so I went with cjc. I’m hoping ibget increased appetite as a side effect of the ghrp6.


Dosing 100mcgm of ghrp6 3x a day between meals, and 300mcgm twice a week of cjc with dac, from my research this is an average dose?


The results were minimal, maybe little easier to lose fat while on it, but very marginal.

What peptides do is they help restore the pulsatility of your natural gh release as you would have in your youth. So if you are relatively young, you won’t see much benefit. The older the more pronounced the benefit.

If you are looking for major muscle gain from gh, you will need extended elevations in gh. CJCwDAC helps that a little but not much. For those type of eleveations, you will need to inject the actual GH.


Thanks for your experience and advice… I’ll just try this for a 4 week cycle since that is what is recommended for the cjc. (Need to let pituitary recover)

100mgm 3x daily ghrp6. (At wake up , immediately post workout, before bed )

-1mg per week cjc dac, possibly up this to 2mg per week depending on side effects and how safe I think it is.