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First Paycheck, Wanna Buy Mom B-Day Gift


Hey hey!

The title says it all. I've got about a $200 I can spend on a nice present for the woman who raised me. Wish I had more money to show her my appreciation, but I've only just gotten this job.

What kind of things would a late-forties(age, not year XD) like to receive for birthday presents?

She loves perfumes, but I think I've been getting her fragrances for about five years now. I was hoping that T-Nation could break the tradition with a nice, new kind of gift.

I have until this Saturday, so I can buy it online and expedite the shipping.


Take her out for dinner.
Go to a butcher shop and buy a whole bunch of really thick ass steaks
Oil change for the car
1000 rounds of ammunition for her favorite gun
Monkey bars and a slide
Male Stripper
Just spending time with her would be the real present. Whatever you do. Whatever you give her would be an appreciated token.


The best presents aren't the ones you spend the most money on, but ones that are more thoughtful and from the heart.

One I suggest I have done before was a digital picture frame with pictures of my family since we became a family.


200 bucks eh?


i bought my mom an ipod, and had her make me a list of some albums she wanted, which i uploaded.

i think she liked it


If she knows this is you first paycheck, your mom would likely be happier to know that you got her a card and then take her out for lunch or something. She'll kill you if you spend a lot of that first paycheck on her.


I really need to get my fat azz back in the gym. Hate medicals.. Sorry for the ramble

Pay her phone bill, or electric. Or if that is out of reach for your budget. Find something she would'nt get for herself. Like find a picture of her mom or grandmother and frame it or something along those lines. that may be lame, but its all I got. Good luck.


Nards has nailed it. Without a doubt get her a card, women actually NEED those things. And lunch ain't a bad accompaniment to a card. :wink:


WHoa!!!! I never said nuthin' about nailin' anyone's mom!


Pfft who you tryin to kid Milfman!

Op, I bet Nard's card is already on it's way to yer maw!


DONT WORRY OP! Captain Stern has intercepted the evil Milfman's card!!!


Oh dear god....where did you get that pic of me?!?!? DAMN YOU GOOGLE!!!


My Google-fu is nothing short of awesome...


Well, I'm sure any mom will be happy to get Nards Circa 1989 for their birthday!


Isn't that part of the con? Fool the older one's into thinking they've got a toyboy on their hands? =P


Hey, they'd still be happy to get The Nards of Today! Or at least they would after a bit of birthday whiskey.

I think.


take her out to dinner (nice place)... cover all expenses... get a card that says thank you for raising u... get flowers...


Flowers, card, and dinner is nice.

I got my mom a digital picture frame last Christmas. She's been wanting one for a long time. She's also not very tech savvy (AT ALL), so I loaded a bunch of pics that I knew she'd like on there.

She opened it up and loved it, then asked how to get pics on there. I told her to turn it on and see if it had directions on the screen or something retarded. She turned it on and BAM, pics already on there. She said it was the best present anyone had ever gotten her.

In the end it kinda comes down to your mom and what she'd like.

Jewelry is also not a bad idea, and you can ask the people working wherever you go for advice (or bring a chick friend with). It helps if you have a vague idea of what she usually wears.


i think with a $200 budget should cover a good dinner... i know when i took my parents out for dinner for the first time after i started working it really meant a lot to them cuz it signified that i was independent and living on my own... and even then i had money to come back and "take care" of them in a sense... they really appreciated it...


Get her your own apartment?