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First Page Support Group

While I agree that some newbie questions can be answered by doing a search(check out “Dawg School” by Chris Shugart through the search engine if your new to the iron game), I think that these ‘support groups’ that have shown up on the forum as of late can be very helpful. If anything, the T-mag staff probably finds the ‘support groups’ a great help in gauging how the customer is reacting to a supplement or a diet. Is Surge working? Go to the support group and check the responses. Does T2 have any side effects? Go to the support group and see. Does Fat Fast make you feel constipated? Look and see. This info is your info. Be happy that this resource is here.

Hear, Hear Nobody, I don’t know why we didn’t think of that earlier, we come to this forum to discuss whatever the hell we want to, but instead we just stare at a blank screen because the information we need could be found somewhere on the site or in the vast expanses of the internet, good idea, you wanna know my favorite flavor of ice cream, do a search, it’s probably somewhere on the net, or how to eat pussy? rent a porn, just don’t bother your fellow T-men, who obviously don’t have any extra time on their hands to bond with one another. Good Day

Actually, “support groups” here aren’t really support groups–they’re designated converations for exchanges on a specific topic.

Hear, hear! Quit with the whinging you lot, and get on with it. I know, lets form an ant-support group support group…