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First Order of Metabolic Drive


I just received my first order from T-Nation, Metaboloic Drive and Flame Out. I was just wondering when would be the best time to take the M.D. Also the Flame out says to take four capsules a day, should I take all four at once? Or split them up, two in the morning and two at night?

I also have been using Muscle Milk for the past few months or so, any info or experience you might have with that stuff would be great. Thanks


Take the Metabolic Drive when you need an easy good protein source its food man. the Flameout just be sure to take them daily with food not on an empty stomach and best not with say your oat meal or a meal high in soluble fiber

other then that two very staple food supps there



Thanx for the info. Do you know anything about muscle milk?


Its a protien loaded with fats and carbs. Another food source I prefer to add quality fats and carbs my self to a quality Low Carb Protein powder just more versatile.



There have been numerous articles and posts on the dangers of muscle milk. I think they've changed the formula some since, but it's still not a quality protein source.


I take 6 caps of Flameout for fat loss. 1 upon waking, 2 in my two midday meals, and 1 for my evening meal. So what I'm indirectly saying is, yeah, spread them out instead of ingesting them all at once. I've read suggestions here not to take too much Flameout first thing in the morning because your starving body will burn it for energy.


I take Muscle Milk pre-bed. They changed the formula and it is no longer "Dangerous" to your health.

It's got alpha and beta caseins and MCTs and other good fats. I recommend it before bed unless you can fit it in your macros during the day

Hope that helps


Muscle Milk is more of a bad marketing gimmick than anything else.

It's loaded with cheap canola oil even though they give the impression that the fat content is mainly MCT.

MCTs aren't anywhere near as special as they are promoted to be anyway. They've been around for probably close to 20 years and the main people that fall for them as the next magical supplement are newbies.

You're better off using Metabolic Drive and adding quality fats like olive oil if you need them.