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First Order of Grow!


Got a bottle of strawberry and chocolate. I mixed a glass of the strawberry earlier and I have to say it was the best tasting MRP I gave ever had, period. Great stuff. Now if they only came in 5 lb tubs...:slight_smile:


I second the 5lb jug stuff.


if 5, why not 6


Hmm.. this seems like an appropriate time to ask the stupid question that's been bugging me.... WHAT DOES MRP STAND FOR?


MRP= Meal Replacement Powder


I ordered 4 tubs today.

Velocity Diet here i come.

the Fed ex man ins gonna hate me by the end of August


I think for the Velocity diet, you'll need 8-10 tubs of it if you are doing 30 days. That's a lot of cash to spend on a 30 day diet, IMO.


Doesn't seem like much compoared to what I'd normally spend on food for a comparable period.


I did the diet on 7 tubs, thats $161 and no cost for shipping. Add the HOT-ROX and Surge and you can be all set with SUPPLEMENTS AND FOOD for one month @ ~$300.

Please tell me where I can eat clean and use supplements for a month on $300. Take a look at most other diets and I'd argue that the V-Diet is a pretty healthy $300 too.


I love Strawberry + Banana mixed together. I have one every morning on the side of my oatmeal + berries.

I love the Orange Creme, I am trying to figure out a recipe to turn it into a popsicle. Mmm Low-Carb Grow! pops!


Actually, I forgot about the cheat day, the flax seed, fish oil pills, etc. IMO, spending 230+ bucks on just protein supplements to last a month is quite a bit. If someone is close to being obese, then I can see the VD diet coming into play. If your bodyfat is already somewhat low-medium, why would you want to get lean so quick and possibly lose muscle in the process?


LOL just had to Chime in here I agree on the V-Diet and not costing much. Hope it goes great and Keep us informed.

I wanted to Chime in on what TriGWU said. Namely WHAT the hell were you on the V-Diet for. A damn haircut is all you can afford to do to lose weight IMO. LOL

Eat BOY.



Still doesn't match what I normally pay for beef, fish, eggs, protein powder, and other protein sources.

I think it's been proven by enough people that when done correctly the Velocity Diet need not result in a loss of lean tissue.

I agree it's not for everyone b/c many can not tolerate going that low with carb intake, but I don't see a problem with those who can using this type of diet to shed fat quickly.


Vanilla Grow! and white grape juice is excellent. You can't beat the flavor.



It was pre-season. I decided to cut down a bit early to see if I could come in at a better race weight. So far it's working beautifully. I'll hit my peak race @ about 6%.


On an expense note, it seems to me that one could replace about half of the Grow! with an inexpensive whey protein powder, like EAS Whey, which has 42 servings for $20 at Sam's Club. Also, since there basically aren't any carbs in it, you'd likely have better luck establishing ketosis on the diet.


I don't think the V-Diet is about reaching/maintaining ketosis, which IMO is a good thing.


I think he was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:


I just ordered Low-Carb Grow! vanilla flavor today.. how long does it usually take to come in? thanks


I disagree homeboy. It works yes, but the taste is second to Prolab's Lean Mass Complex (formerly Matrix)....sorry guys. 2nd ain't too bad. My Aussie friend who did the EAS stuff tried my chocolate Grow! and said it was the best. BTW I traveled with my Grow!.......I'm a dork.