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First Order At T-Nation

As a Canadian citizen, I’m planning to order some products on T-Nation.com.

Whats your advice about that? Is it recommanded to buy a large quantity in regards of the shipping costs…

Any tips or advice about that guys?

It would be really appreciated.

  1. Order several months supply at a time to justify the high (55 bucks USD on 250 dollar order) shipping costs.

  2. Be prepared that supplements such as Alpha Male, Hot Rox, or some others may be inspected at the border and perhaps be seized

Us Ontario guys are trying to get a bulk order done, but its hard when all the main stuff is out of stock. I’ll probably post something about it when they have Grow! and Surge available again…

Oh…that’s pretty bad, because I was specialy looking for stuff like Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and Alpha Male!

Why customs would keep that? Aren’t they supposed to be legal in Canada?

(HOT-ROX is ephedra free, so normally they should accept that, no?