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First & Only Cheat Meal After a 10-Week Diet

Hey guys,

I know thats a pretty weird question, but over the last 9 weeks I dropped from 14-15% to 8-9%. Tomorrow its the last week and I planned a big cheat meal, like I do everytime after a diet. (Btw dont judgme me hahaha, its the only time of the year I allow myself to eat crap)
How much can I go into a surplus on that day without adding multiple 100g of fat to my frame again? I read that the glycogen stores contain about 2000-3000calories in the form of carbs. Does that mean to refill them I could go in a surplus up to 2000 calories?

I know its a pretty weird question, but everybody who dieted down knows how important food gets in the last weeks hahaha

Would appreciate if someone could give me a short answer. Otherwise I will only cheat at maintainence. I love the cheat meal after a long diet, but not as much as to destroy the last week of progress.

Is this a cheat meal or a refeed?

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There was a YouTube video where a female weight lifter had a 10,000 calorie meal and had dexa (maybe?) and some other measurements taken before and after. I can’t remember the name but maybe some googling will turn up

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Are you prepping for a contest? Do you have pics?

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Cheat Meal. I didnt do any refeeds for the entire diet and wont do one in the next week. Its about the end/final day of the diet, where I allow myself to cheat big time.

@wanna_be Thanks man, will try to find that video. Helps me out for sure, if I can find it.

@ChickenLittle no hahaha Im an athlete. I have some pics, but nobody would be impressed (80kg on 185cm/176lbs on 6"0/6"1). I think I can show it pretty good by sharing my strength numbers. I can squat 2.5xbw and deadlift a little bit over 3xbw, but Im only able to bench press maybe 1.1bw or 1.2xbw hahaha
The only thing I have going for me physique wise is my back, because it has to hold the weight while deadlifting.

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Then just cheat and move on my dude. Don’t try to make it a refeed.


This. Don’t overthink it. Just eat what you want, and as much as you want. No doubt, it will be more than enough to top off your glycogen stores.


You’re not gaining all your fat back in a day or meal. Eat whatever the fuck you want and enjoy it. Might even do some good after that long of a diet. Just don’t step on the scale the next day or two and have a cow since you’ve got glycogen and water topped off.


Alright guys, thanks for the answers. Will simply do it then next saturday. You know how it is at the end of a diet, you start to overthink everything and dont want to destroy your progress in any way.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. Wish you all the best and a good start into the next week.

FWIW I do cheat DAY every Saturday. I would contend it’s been essential for me to maintain single digit bodyfat for over a year comfortably while still growing and adding strength every week.

Assuming you eat 4 meals a day, that’s 280 meals in 10 weeks and you think 1 cheat meal will sink you??? This is not a sustainable or healthy attitude towards food IMHO.


Looks like you are going to participate in an event? How often we can have cheat days. When I think of cheat days I just felt afraid to loose the consistency of a good diet. How you get back to that again? Do you recommend any book for diet or you just enjoy read light novels

Have a cheat MEAL; not a cheat day.

Why not full day haha. Just one day full of favorite dishes.

For this reason

Yeah, finally a few competitions again.


Thib always says that you shouldnt have cheat days in general, BUT there are some people who can do it and some people who cant. If you`re unsure if you can go back to a healthy or fat loss diet afterwards again, you shouldnt try it.
For me its easy. I eat all I want for one day and after that I eat 100% clean again w/o problems.

I can absolutely undo a week in a meal. I seem to take it as a personal challenge. I definitely can’t mentally give myself a whole day; I’m just not someone that can control it