First Official 700lbs Squat @220

Grithouse Classic decided to do this meet 3 or 4 weeks ago and just slappped on some wraps.

Totaled 1665 @ 216 no water cut just walk in and compete.

630 missed for depth 3 reds
670 2/3 Whites - 5lbs PR
700 3 Whites - 35lbs meet PR, 50lbs 220 class PR.

330 3 Whites
360 3 Whites 5lbs all time PR.
Scratch 3rd

550 3 Whites
605 3 Whites -5lbs meet PR
640 missed 3 reds.

For not peaking or even training very seriously for the passed 3 months I am very very happy with this meet.

Following your progress. Incredible lifting and work, congratulations on your PRs.

So good! Well done mate.

That’s a huge PR. Good work.

Nice meet. Hellacious squat.

Glad to see you hit it in a meet! That’s an impressive squat

Beast! Nice lifts mate!