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First of May


I wish you all a happy 1 of may.

what do you guys think of this day?

info for they who dont know about 1 of may: it is the international workers day.


It's great.


I wish everybody a happy Cinco de Mayo, especially me! (Bring on the Don Julio 1942!)


Happy Communism Day...lol...wut?


whats great about police men shooting people with rubber bullets?


We had a big rally in the Houston area. They had a total of 2 people show up. About 20 minutes later the crowd grew by 50% to 3. The news reporters totalled 20. I can not help but chuckle.


its not communist day, its the workers day.

its celebrated all over the world, but maybe not in the us.


Happy "worker's day"?

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people?

May Day is first and foremost a celebration of the return of Spring. May it always be so.


Yeah, because of some of us here actually work. That is like Happy Shit Day! Yeah, let's take a day off from working, when we don't even work anyway...


You know what May rhymes with....

(okay, okay, I'll stop! :wink:


I do work, whats your point?


I know: GAY!


seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you:)

in scandinavia we dance around a flower stick in the summer.


Actually, I was going to say "payday." Because it's, like, for the workers.

Geez, that was pretty insensitive.



We need a day to celebrate the only 'ism' that has ever done the vast majority of human beings any good -- capitalism.

Someday, we will all march on DC with pitchforks and torches. If our military doesn't stop us, we will kick out all the lawyers, politicians, lobbyists, and other such criminals. We will return to a government that does exactly 3 things: military, national police, and national judiciary (like in the original Constitution). Only gold and silver will be money and anyone who EVER proposes the use of paper money and/or increasing debt will go immediately to prison.


Those racist teabaggers always causing riot....oh wait nothing to see here folks those are hard working undocumented workings creating the riots we lazy Americans won't do
I don't care if it's workers day or whatever for me it's Free Comic Book Day


On this day in 1886, workers were killed by police in Chicago for striking to get an 8 hour day. International Workers' Day is a holiday to commemorate this occasion


It's really the Ides of March that you have to watch out for.


I think you need to revise your statement, you are just swinging towards freedom, but not there yet.

How about we stop fighting wars that we should not be fighting, destroying other countries. Dissolve the military, since we are not supposed to have a standing army during peace time, no national police, but state and local police, and the judicial system is fine for the purpose of determining if what the Federal government does is constitutional, only.


I am sorry, if I was working I would not take off a day to celebrate my own self. Let me guess you get paid on workers day too don't ya?