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First NoVa/DC/SoMD T-Cell Dinner :)

Due to the popular demand, here’s the recap of First NoVa/DC/SoMD T-Cell Dinner. (I’m posting it here cuz the Training & Nutrition Forum won’t let you post pics.)

We had six illustrious T-men/vixens (look at the pic…left to right) BodyIQ, xracergs, dbc, elveneyes, nephorm (unfortunately his eyes are closed), and yours truly.

Out of the six, I’m the puniest. I think everyone could bench, deadlift, and squat me, while I can deadlift and squat one of them AFTER very intense dieting which gets their weight down to about 135 lbs or so.

Despite what nephorm thinks, there are women out there who are at least 3 times as big as he is. Perhaps even 4 or 5 times as big as him. But I’d prefer him as a seat neighbor on the plane since I dislike being sit on. Nephorm is quite a fun guy with not-so-great BMW karma. May he get a FUNCTIONAL BMW soon.

BodyIQ and I will be semi-neighbors (semi because he won’t be my next door neighbor alas). He and I are buying townhouses close to where we both live. :slight_smile: Hope he’s happy with his purchase. I am with mine. And elveneyes also lives pretty close by. We should get together to train one of these days and scare the preachers who insist on enlightening us about the appropriate poundage for fragile weaker sex.

xracergs claimed he lurks a lot, but I noticed his posts. :slight_smile: He’s a college student, just like nephorm, and already working on getting fit and healthy. I wish I had the same attitude in college. I was too nerdy to do anything athletic. And good luck w/ your internship in NYC! (It’s a phat city, and you should hook up w/ NY T-Cell)

And dcb…another Marylander. :slight_smile: Unfortunately I didn’t get to talk to him much, but I must admit that he’s a very manly big fellow. Next time, we should talk more so I get to know you better. :wink:



Nice update and photos.

My, don’t we have some fine young fellas and some sweet young honeys adopting the Testosterone lifestyle!

Nice work!

A great time was had by all!

Very kool bunch of t-men/vixens. We should have another one set up before too long.

BTW: It was interesting to see that nobody drank any alcohol (this was a Sat. night). Mainly water. Perhaps we could make the next event an alcohol gig. Whaddayathink?

It was really nice to get together with “like” minds and yes, you forum regulars were talked about as well (all good of course :slight_smile:

Shoot…I’m jealous now! Thanks Stella for sharing the pic and update with us. I would love to be able to sit down and eat some grub and chat with some fellow t-men and especially some t-vixens (I’m single now…haha). That must have been a blast! It is nice to be able to put a face to all the names…;o) Now who is up for a central NY meeting in Syracuse???..haha.

Very cool!

Would like to see more T-Getogethers happening! Ours (NW/West Coast) will have to wait until the MM/CT workshop in August.

Hehe…it looks like a junior high dance; all the girls on one side, the boys the other!

Great job getting organized!

BodyIQ - Well…you know how T-lifestyle and alcohol are. I personally don’t drink except good cab, and to drink that, you need steak. Yum.

Tony G - Welcome to Singleton! I’m also single. :slight_smile: You can always join us when you’re in town and we’re holding a meeting/gathering.

What I want to know is did anyone hook-up after din din?

Oh and here’s how I figure the conversation might go at such a meeting of the minds. I have to use my imagination, since I have yet to meet any of you in person.

Stella: “Honestly, can you believe that Tony G.- I mean, really, he was using a wide grip on those pull-ups when I specifically told him to use a medium grip. Sickening.”

BodyIQ: “And what about that Nate Dogg? Isn’t he just the living end? Getting all ripped up like that and talking on and on anAND ON about Renegade Training…like it’s the ONLY way to train. Sheesh. And then there’s that prick CGB that never has anything meaningful to add and just lurks around posting nonsense.”

Lucky guys! Ya’ll look great.


You can’t possibly complain! You get MM/CT for your gathering!


Looks like you guys had fun. Is Baltimore too far North to be “So MD”?

Stella, I only weight 132 lbs. …

Kick ass picture. Simply kick ass.

Question for anyone who was there: Did you find that the conversation was incredibly non-stop? That was my exerience when Groove, Patricia and I got together. We talked all through the meal, and then kicked it outside the supplement store for another hour talking some more.

Now, I intentionally digress:

I disagree, Patricia! I don’t see why our little Portland-cell can’t do something between now and August.

At the very least me, you, Ko and Rumbach can get together and play Parcheesy in somebody’s attic. Yeah… that’s it!

Thanks for the pic Stella!

I WANTED A BEER… but i dont know if suhi and beer would mix in my stomach. Besides I gave
“shit” to elveneyes and dcb about aspertaime (sp?) so i dont think i should be drinking-

Woot I don’t look too stupid!!
And we’ll go get steak and beer next time Andrew :wink:
It really, really was a blast…that was the most fun I’ve had in AGES. It is so nice to get together with people who actually know what a deadlift is…and to find out I’m not the only girl who feels like dropping dumbbells on people now and than!! (You’re awesome Stella :slight_smile: )
Next we need an East Coast get together!! Or maybe a singles meeting…rofl!! :wink:

Nice pic! Nice to be able to put a few faces to the names…

That’s hilarious!

Elveneyes…that unforunate honor goes to nephorm, I wonder how many “good” pics Stella tossed before she found one worhty of a drivers license?

“Sheesh. And then there’s that prick CGB that never has anything meaningful to add and just lurks around posting nonsense.”

“Dink”, fellow Calgarian…“Dink”…“Prick” would indicate that they don’t like you, “Dink” is a term of endearment (for a wise-ass anyway…)

Wish I were there…

“Honour pricks me on. Yea, but how if honour prick me off when I come on? How then? Can honour set to a leg? No. Or an arm? No. Or take away the grief of a wound? No. Honour hath no skill in surgery then? No. What is honour? A word. What is in that word? Honour. What is that honour? Air. A trim reckoning. Who hath it? He that died o’ Wednesday”

~ William Shakespeare

"Or maybe a singles meeting…rofl!! "
well i am looking for a t vixen…BRING ON THE BEER-college is so much fun and so bad for training

Jeff –

If you want to come join us, feel free! Baltimore?s really not THAT North. It just doesn?t have any big international airport. Unfortunately I don?t fly Southwest (I hate that airline).

And since you only weigh 132 lbs, I?ll deadlift and squat you before the meal so I can justify my high GI carb eating.


Yes, it was non-stop and we were there very late. The reservation was at 7PM and we left at 11PM. BTW ? I?m going to be in Portland in June (the last weekend of June) to see Pat and Ko compete at the strongman contest thing. If you?re going to be there, I?d love to meet you.


So you drink Sapporo. Or sake. You don?t drink nasty American beer when you have sushi. It?s illegal ? at least I think it is. :wink:

And as for the single meetings ? why not? So it?ll be like single T-men/T-vixen trying to hook up? :wink:


It?s not dumb bells?..it?s barbells?.. :wink: You rock, too, girl!

We should do E Coast get together. Maybe at F. Eli Fontin in New York. :wink: