First NFL Sunday Tomorrow!

Man alive…I am PUMPED. I’m going to the ESPN Zone in DownTown Disney to check out the games on their mega screen HDs. Not to mention tomorrow is one of my carb up days…so I get to have some fun with that too. B-) I’ll be doing this every Sunday. It’s going to be pretty sweet I imagine.

So which teams are you guys rooting for? I’m a HUGE Vikings fan (from Minnesota). And yes…Tavaris will be just fine! Everyone had these same concerns with Culpepper years back…EXACT same. Now I’m not saying Tavaris is Culpepper…I’m just saying I’m confident history will repeat itself.

I’m also needing Marion Barber III of the Cowboys to step up for fantasy purposes.

My team has to wait until Monday when they get to spank the Ravens. =/

Other than that, i’m excited!

I live in southern cali too and do the same for MNF. Personally I’m a pats fan, and if our aging lb’s can hold their own then I’m confident we can go far. Now that Brady actually has some people to throw to I’m excited to see what happens this season.

I got my kids a video they can watch this afternoon on the tv upstairs.

“Mommy’s watching the Pats today, baby! Woohoo!”

After watching the first two college football Saturdays, I turn on the TV this afternoon only to be reminded yet again that the NFL, when compared to the college game, is like watching paint dry.

OU is 2-0 and has risen to #3 after the Big Red Machine dropped 51 on ‘Da U’! Texas better strap it up on Oct. 6th! The Sooners are coming to Dallas, and hell’s coming with them!

…oh, and go Niners and Texans, I guess.