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First Muslim Migrants


In Australia probably the most prominent leader of the Muslim community is Kaisar Tradd. Tradd acted as representative and apologist for the Grand Mufti of Australia who;

1) Was pulled over by Police because he was driving dangerously in an unregistered vehicle, verbally attacked the Police, was found to have an unregistered handgun in the car but was released without charge.

2) Following the arrest of 17 Muslim men for a wave of gang rapes of 'Christian sluts' the Grand Mufti of Australia said they were asking for it for dressing promiscuously and made an analogy that if you leave meat out cats will eat it. He then claimed that the Muslim gang rapists were given unfair sentences due to the Islamophobic hatred of Australian society.

3) Following an argument with a Muslim in the Grand Mufti's mosque, the Grand Mufti was caught on video tape smashing down a door. He then contacted Police and gave a statement accusing the other guy of the vandalism. No charges were pressed.

The Grand Mufti of Australia enjoyed the support of the Muslim population of Australia throughout these incidents and he still holds his title as 'Grand Mufti of Australia'.

Anyway, the Mufti's former spokesperson from the 'Islamic Friendship Association' Tradd, recently wrote an article praising the first Muslim migrants to Australia and their contribution to Australian society(as outback cameleers). Tradd has also described Australians as 'the criminal dregs of white society'. Tradd has 12 children and was granted asylum as a refugee during the civil war in the Lebanon. His 'Islamic Friendship Association' is the largest Islamic relations group in the country.

Here is the very first Muslim contribution to Australia from the 'first Muslim migrants' that Tradd failed to mention:

A massacre of Christian picnickers by Muslims who claimed religious justification for their act. Notes were left by the perpetrators including this one: 'I must kill you and give my life for my faith, Allahu Akbar'.

What am I to think of the 'Islamic Friendship Association', the Muslim community here that supports it, the Grand Mufti of Australia and the fact that the majority of Muslims support them?

I'd be interested in a Muslim perspective on this.


I am a revert to Islam and one word sums this up: Disgusting, first of all deliberate suicide is not allowed in Islam second collateral damage i.e. attacking a group of people hoping your target will be killed or wounded is not allowed, i think the problem these days is muslims not Islam, their understanding is so screwed up.

Most muslims will ask a religious leader for the meaning of a text and take it to be genuine when many leaders have other motives. We need to find these people and stop them from teaching young muslims the wrong thing. Can i ask- do you know if the attack was deliberately aimed at Christians? because many people on this site, write articles in a way the promotes the mentality of a religious war without justification.


Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims...Except the 99.6% that Aren't | loonwatch.com



And these weren't the only Muslim gang rape attacks targeting Christians:

These are just in the city of Sydney. In the Ashfield attacks one of the Pakistani perpetrators was the son of a Doctor. His father lied and gave a false alibi for his son and was then charged for perjury.


What you call Muslim gang rape attacks against Christians could just as easily be called Lebanese gang rape attacks against white women.

Do you think that it is necessarily a religious thing? Is it not just as likely to be a racial thing?

They had no way to no the women they raped were Christians. They could just as easily have bee Jews or any other religion.

One of the rapists was Nepalese so could well have been Hindu (speculation on my part, I don't know either way).

The sites that you linked to call them racially motivated and not religiously motivated attacks.

I think that Islam does, in many ways, subjugate women. But the view held by a lot of people from Islamic parts of world and other eastern countries is that 'white girls are easy', not 'christian girls are easy'.


^^Text messages from the mobile phones of the 17 member all Muslim Lebanese rape gang refer only to 'Christian sluts'. Knives were held to their throats while they were raped. The ring leader of the gang Bilal Skaf threatened bombings if 'all Muslims are not released from Australian prisons by 2003'.

Regardless of whether or not you think this is ethnically or religiously motivated is neither here nor there. I don't want this shit in my country. Australia took in these Lebanese Muslims as refugees from the civil war in Lebanon. They now control organised crime and there have been several riots in the Sydney suburbs of Lakemba and Auburn in which over 200 hundred local Muslims attacked Police and attempted to prevent them from arresting criminals in their community. In one case the criminals they were trying to arrest had RPG rocket launchers and AK 47 assault rifles in their house.

I've only been talking about Sydney and Lebanese Muslims. I could go on for a lot longer or I could start explaining the MAJOR problems with Sudanese Muslims in Melbourne and rural towns. I've really had enough of this shit.

Sudanese Muslim migrant gang attempted murder of a white boy on CCTV in Melbourne:


Fair enough, didn't know about the text messages.

I agree with you, nobody would want that kind of behavior from anyone happening anywhere, regardless of their ethnicity. Do the groups you mentioned above and below commit a disproportionately higher number of crimes compared to other groups?

That is pretty grim.


Yes. So much so that the Melbourne police are running education programs to teach them how to deal with the Sudanese community who attack them when they enter their communities to arrest offenders. The Muslim Lebanese also have a disproportionately high crime rate and have completely taken over organised crime in Sydney.


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These guys aren't muslims, they claim to be but everything they are doing is anit muslim. If they did this in a muslim country they would be put to death pretty quickly if there was no doubt that they were guilty.

Its this kinda of shit that gives other muslims a bad name.


If this were done in a muslim country, the women would be ostracized, possibly stoned, and blamed for inciting the muslim men to lose their self-control and gang rape them.


No they wouldnt


hmm, I actually thought Australia was pretty tough on letting this type of shit go on - as opposed to say the UK where cops run away from the angry mob of the followers of the "religion of piece".
had no idea this shit was going on there.


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The actual guys doing the crimes, these Lebanese dudes are all YOUNG misguided youths who seem to have some sort of built up ethnic and religious rage, possibly from feelings of social exclusion in a white culture. They were probably raised in Muslim households but they aren't Muslim. I bet if you question any one of these guys and ask them to tell you a passage from the Koran they wouldn't know what to say.

Both those Wikipedia links provide information that insinuate the two separate incidents were culturally motivated, not religiously. None of the defendants' arguments bring up Islam as well.

Whoever that Grand Mufti dude is, I agree, he's an idiot. But it's painfully clear he used the incidents to spew his propaganda about Islamophobia.


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The 'perhaps because of feelings of exclusion in a white culture' part doesn't seem reasonable. Whether they attend Mosques and read the Qaran is neither here nor there. They are from Muslim communities and that's where they get their values/culture from.

The 'Grand Mufti' is basically the highest Islamic religious authority and leader in the entire country. Just imagine the Archbishop of Canterbury only with an unregistered handgun, psychosis, anti-Semitism, hate speech, incitement and justification for gang rapes and suicide bombers and so forth.

Here's the Grand Mufti of Australia:


Dude, go read the Qur'an, then come back and tell me that guys are muslims. Just because they do stuff in the name of Islam doesn't make them muslim. They are misguided and being manipulated by this Mufti Douche guy. He also isn't a muslim.

Do you think you local priest down the rad would say that the KKK are perfect Christins and are just doing what the bible says? Hmm not too sure about that one.


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