First Multiply Meet

Surprisingly I quickly adapted to it haha. Also learned to pull the bar into me as fast as I can to get it done.

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I found out last night with my new multiply shirt i’m going to need a lot more weight to touch. Plus the groove is all different. With my singleply I had to put the shirt on with my palms facing up, with this multiply it seems i’ll need to go thumbs at about a 45-90 degree angle.

compared to

Obviously 315 isn’t enough to touch really for either shirt but I was supposed to do triples last night until I touched but couldn’t move 315 more than 2 inches the first few times and that just wore me out. Next time more weight!

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Congratulations. I think now that the sport has blown up we’re going to see a bit of a pendulum swing back to equipped as people want to push further.

I started in single ply equipped in 2008 and lifted like that for years. Now I just compete unequipped. I tried again last January but the bursa sac in my right elbow blew right up from the shirt.

Unless anyone has competed in gear, they have no real appreciation for how exciting and frightening it can be. Clearly my numbers are much smaller than yours but I still remember one meet squatting 140kg (at 56) and my hips shifted at the bottom from the suit. My hips went forward and the bar shot behind me. I did a face plant on the platform. I was lucky I didn’t knee cap myself. I got in on my next attempt.

Weights are heavier and things happen faster because of the gear; like a bench sliding off the bubble to your face. Good times.

Have fun with it. It’s like a different sport a bit.


Yeah I need 525 min to touch. But I’m actually having to put mine on with palms up, sleeves turned in, shirt not jacked, and soaking wet to touch in it lol.

That’s what is so great about gear it’s all different.

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