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First Multiply Meet


I know pretty much no one cares about geared lifting any more. But, about 8 weeks ago I decided to give it a go. Most fun I have had lifting in years and I’m hoknestly hooked. Managed to squat 1003 in my first meet putting me 13th on the all time list for 220 weight class. I’m proud of it so figured might as well share.


Holy Shit! Great Job!

It looks like your squat style carried right over to the gear. What was training like? What are you wearing?

What’s next?



Impressive ! Tell us more !

What are now your best squats ?
In sleeves?
In wraps?
In single ply?


Well done sir!
I still don’t understand how you draw a breath with 1/2 ton on your back.


That’s f’ing incredible man. You SHOULD be proud of that!

Like, what??!? Beast!

I’ve been following along with your Instagram, nothing but impressive.


Short term goals is trying to qual for the WPO meet in November next year. Which this meet met the qual total by 250lbs but I don’t know if they will honor it this far out. Biggest goal of course is to take a shot or two at Sam Byrd 1100. As for the gear I’m wearing some standard doujble ply Inzer predators and an over kill canvas bottom/poly top suit. The suit is too big for me though. I got it from my friend shaun who at about the same height wore it at 280. So I need to have it altered or if I can swing a new one for Christmas haha. I benched in a rage x.

I was only traiining 2 days a week for the entire meet prep. Basically conjugate west side with out a speed day. I just treated all my warm ups as speed sets. I’ll be upping my volume alot and dropping all my gear down to just a loose pair of briefs and follow a more basic linear progression for next few weeks. I really need to focus on fixing my form in the suit. Between a suit that fits and working on my hip mobility I caan probably add another 50lbs from just becoming more confident and efficient.


Best sleeve squat is 600 but I never tried to really go over that. 815 in wraps and have never been in single ply. Just jumped straight to multiply.


You do it before you unrack haha


Thanks man. I’m honestlky surprised I got this much positive support for the lift haha.


This is so fucking awesome!


I just started learning a single ply shirt and have briefs on the way. It’s a challenge but I’m excited about getting into it because I believe my competitive career will be much longer using it. It is NOT easy as most might think. Takes far more technique and patience. There is a delicate balance in weight selection.

Personally, I think gear(particularly multiply) lost credibility due to a few who set records and obviously were given lifts.

Good work on your end. A grand is heavy no matter what you do!


Great job mate! Geared squats and benches always look like the most painful thing to do because you have to be so patient and precise and hold your breath for auch a long time.


Also because it is hard to understand. Most people (myself included) have never been in a suit and don’t know what it is like and how exactly it affects your performance. So it is basically very unrelatable. Everybody has the equipment to do raw powerlifting.

I would love to get in a single ply suit though and it will most likely happen down the road.


Are you still training with or around Sam at all? Just curious if you’re still using CAT style squats by yourself or at all anymore. Amazing lift brother. I don’t get all the hate from gear. You’ve shown you’re a strong motherfucker without it, and now, in it. 1003 on your back is still half a ton on your back so people need to learn to appreciate it. ESPECIALLY at 220.


Thanks man. You still playing around with gear.


Yeah man gear especially multiply is insane. You have to be perfect. So much as an inch off one way or the other and you will miss. Just no room for error. By far the hardest thing I have done in powerlifting especially in regards to the bench shirt.

I agree with the gifts killing multiply. I really wanna be known for being legit in gear. I have never been one to bury a squat unreasonably deep but I want to hit depth. I really wanna mirror guys like Chuck V and Sam Byrd who for sure sere legit in gear.


The squats honestly aren’t to bad but the bench shirts will teach you how bad you really wanna complete a lift lol


Yes sir still see or talk to him weekly. He is pretty much done with lifting for a while if not all together but he has been helping me with tech and every thing else. As for the CAT squats yes sir. Speed squats pretty much make up the entirety of my training. Even more so now in gear. The biggest difference I have found in gear is while you have to be strong you need to be even faster. You have to be able hit the rebound of the suit and carry it as fast as you can with precision.


Not at the moment but I will for sure again. Briefs especially seem to have helped my raw lifts a ton.


Dude- benching in a bench shirt is quite possibly the worst thing on the planet. haha. Talk about pressure.