First Month of Sheiko

I just completed month one of Sheiko #29 and I am very excited about the progress that I made. The following are my before and after lifts.

Squat: 265lb
Deadlift: 315lb
Bench: 215lb

Squat: 295lb
Deadlift: 345lb
Bench: 230lb

The month was tough to make time to get all the lifts in because you’re in the gym for a while but I feel like it was the most rewarding month of my weightlifting ‘career’. I’m on to Sheiko Prep #30 and hoping the results keep coming.

Thanks to everyone who provided answers to the questions I had about this program.

Great work! Some nice PRs there.

My considered advice, leave 30 alone and repeat 29.

Great work. I second DragNCarry’s advice.

Most of my cycles nowadays are essentially to repeat 29 for a few blocks and then throw in a comp cycle as needed.

I have done 29 and 30 back to back and didnt notice any significant increase over 2 29s. And to be honest the 30 volume gets insane.

A-la Wendler I usually add 5lbs to the bench and 10 to the big lifts and recompute. I dont think it really makes that much difference with these small additions, especially when you start rounding to the nearest plate. The system works for me.

Good luck with it.

Red Roast