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First MMA Fight

Hey everyone, my first MMA fight is set for Feb 10th. Does anyone who has fought or trained a fighter have any drills or anything that they think would be especially helpful? Any other advice would be appreciated too. Thanks for all your help.

What’s your fighting style? What weight class and organization? I’m sure many here would love to support you…

If he hits you, hit him back.

If you have good knock out power don’t be in a rush to tackle the guy and show you can grapple. Take a que from Chuck Liddel and force the other guy to play your game.

Flying armbar.

Seriously though, good luck man.

just wanted to say nice work stepping up and good luck

If you are going to have a fight shouldn’t you already know drills, or know someone that does?

[quote]StevenF wrote:
If you are going to have a fight shouldn’t you already know drills, or know someone that does? [/quote]

This is like saying “hey, I can bench and curl, what else do I need to know about weightlifting.”

Every good martial artist and boxer is ALWAYS looking for new drills and new ideas to build on the basics.

Hit the one in the middle.

Shark tank= You start on the mat.

get 5+ other training partners. You start fighting one of them, preferably with you on the bottom of a shitty position like side control. Then after 1 minute the next guy comes in and replaces the first training partner. Go for about 30 minutes (rounds) straight with no breaks between partners.

Do the same with stand up. Start in the ring with one guy and then after 2-3 minutes you start fighting a fresh guy with no breaks.

Up until 2 weeks out of your fight you should train striking power by going for max effort reps of your favorite strikes (eg. cross, hook, leg kick) on thai pads.

After two weeks keep the hands fresh by not going full power and only training with MMA gloves and partners.

Eat lots of food unless you have wieght problems. I hope you have previous grappling or striking tourney experience. if not… shit.

Don’t get injured.

This is the way i train for my purple belt test in BJJ on the 17th. Shark tank is the only way to make sure you can use technique to get you out of shitty situations when you are tired and beaten. If it’s your first match then it’s primarily about not losing. If you don’t lose, you may just win. I find that first time MMA fights between two first timers are more a contest of who doesn’t fuck up first. The first fuck up is the guy that loses, unless his opponent is a total tomato can. Quit matsurbating too, It will piss you off. pissed guys train harder.


Don’t neglect mentally preping yourself. Being mentally centered for the fight is huge, especially at the amateur level. A friend and I are able to call the fights at local shows with almost 100% accuracy based simply on how the fighter looks as he walks to the ring. We call it the swagger theory.

Everyone is different so I can’t give you an exact blueprint for getting yourself mentally ready.

I know leading up to my fight I would take some time every night and envision a specific scenario, usually an adverse situation, and would mentally get myself out of it. For instance, I’d picture being stuck on bottom and would envision the process of getting out.

I’d try to be as detailed as I could. I’d try to imagine the feel of the canvas, the anxiety of being in the fight, the sound of the crowd, the weight of my opponent, everything.

I also watched Rites of Passage on DVD almost every night. Particularly the section dealing with the amateurs.

That’s just what worked for me though and you might need to do something completely different.

Thanks guys. I’ve trained boxing and kickboxing for a number of years. I started training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu a little over a year ago. The shark tank idea sounds great, that was the kinda deal I was looking for.

Also, forgot to mention, I will fight middleweight. And I’ll fight in the Total Fight Challenge (the org that Stephan Bonnar came up in) in Hammond, IN.

Sounds like you’re much better at striking than ground fighting. In that case, I’d be sprawling as much as possible. Get a few guys to alternate trying to take you down. Don’t let them.

Shrimp up and down the mat 4 minutes

1 min break

Bear crawl up/down mat 4 min

1 min break

Reverse shrimp up/down mat 4 min

1 min break

Shoot till you can’t shoot no more!

Also, end all your workouts with plyo squats and depth pushups…

Happy ass kickin!

this is so commonly overlooked by even good, experienced strikers. alternating straight punches, and uppercuts. use them.

If youe fight is in Feb. You have a decent amount of time to train. Invest in the S.A.I.D. dvd’S they are pretty good. Here is a link :
You cane prob. find on Ebay Cheaper.
If you want to train well, get it.

Pretty much anything else, spare/train. If its going to be a caged typed match, train against the wall/cage. Its a MAJOR difference!
Work on Cardio, strenght, and technique. Alot of fighters base there fights off of soul athletisism lately. (hope this makes sense, very drunk right now). Make sure you work ground/stand up/clinch.
Good luck bro, train ALOT

A lot of good advice here. Shark tank, intocombat’s stuff, uppercuts, shrimping and bear crawls…It’s all good. Train smart and don’t get injured #1. If you are fighting you should check out some of Martin Rooney’s stuff. Like the mental training and strategy and psychological prep.

[quote]bretc wrote:
Sounds like you’re much better at striking than ground fighting. In that case, I’d be sprawling as much as possible. Get a few guys to alternate trying to take you down. Don’t let them.[/quote]

In this case, that is if you suck a take down defense, Do the sprawl-tank drill.

You stand in the middle, BLINDFOLDED. That’s right, blindfolded. With the blind fold you can’t sprawl till you feel them. Without it you will know what’s coming and make the timing unrealistic. besides a good wrestler will only shoot low when he knows you aren’t paying attention.

Then your group of best party buddies shoot in on you and you spraw and sit out or sprawl and turn, which ever you get. Do this for 5 minutes and then rest for one minute. Then do 5 sets of 10 burpees and the drill again for 20 minutes.

The key is to make sure your motor patterns are ingrained even when you are dog tired. Becasue if you have all the balls in the first round and none for number 2… you’re fuct.

Then if you really want to get techy you can do five minute rounds of this and then do 3 mite rounds of you taking people down. being able to take down when you are tired can be the difference between getting KO’ed and staying alive on the ground.

Good luck shooting.


Well fellas my first fight ended in a draw. UGH! First judge had it 20-18 for me (fight was two 5 min rounds) 2nd judge 19-18 him, 3rd 19-19. A majority draw. I really only took one shot, a knee that grazed off the side of my face. I broke his nose, cut his eye, overall busted him up pretty good. He also never passed my guard or bothered me in anyway, but he did take me down a few times. I’m guessing that must be why the score was close. Anyway, I’m preparing to fight again on March 31st I think and appreciate all of your help. I’ll put a few pics up here.