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First MMA Amateur Fight

Ring Wars, the Civic Center, Rapid City South Dakota.

This was my first bout ever, and I can honestly say I am the happiest person in the world right now.

The fight was scheduled for 3 rounds, 5 minutes each.

Round one:
Come out and touch gloves. Immediately get shot on and defend. Am able to throw a short straight jab, cross over right and a quick right elbow.

Take two body shots and back out a bit, using my reach advantage to try to control with the jab. I took a few leg kicks… and MAN they hurt more than I expected.

Round one over… sit in the corner, Josh is super helpful trying to make sure I keep my head…

Feinted jab and he disappears, changed levels and grabs me for the two leg… totally unexpected double leg take down against the fence. I pull guard and lock my legs. He tries to ground and pound but I get hold of one of his arms and hold on to it so he’s down to one.

Struggling against me, he lowers his body and I pull my leg up toward rubber guard. He feels my leg creeping up his back and sits up quickly, exposing his straightened arm. I try to roll it into an arm bar, unsuccessfully and he takes my back in the scramble.

Turtle, sit out and turn and meet him face to face. Drop into butterfly guard and sweep him to the right before he gets situated. Press into his hip with one hand and chest with the other I jump over for side mount and end up finishing with an arm bar from side mount…

I’m super ecstatic!!!

CONGRATS on the WIN!!!

When is your next fight???

congrats man…

Congratulations! That’s wonderful!

Nice one! Any pics/video?

Fantastic job!

congrats on that!

SWEEEEEEET! That play by play sounds like you ran a clinic on this guy!

Awesome! I second the any pics/video. Congrats!!

nice man congrats on the win.

Great job!

Congrats on the win. Very impressive.

I would love to see a video of that, it’s sounds like an excellent transition at the end there for the arm bar.

Nicely fucking done man!

Good work.

Congrats, stay kicking ass.

Thanks to all!
I took Saturday after the fight off, and am taking today off to spend time with the wife.

I’ll check the Rapid City Journal (newspaper) and ask people at the studio if they have some videos or pictures tomorrow!!!