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First MK2866 Cycle

Gonna be my first time experimenting with SARMs. Or anything anabolic for that matter. Would appreciate some feedback on my cycle.


Weeks 1-8:

PCT Weeks 1-2:
Nolvadex: 40mg
Clomid: 50mg

PCT Weeks 3-4:
Nolvadex: 20mg
Clomid: 25mg

Trying to be as conservative as possible. Also would an AI be necessary in this cycle?

Question: why are you taking Clomid while you’re on cycle?

Question: what are your goals?

Question: why did you choose a SARM?

Question: what are your expectations?


I’m taking clomid on cycle per advice from an avid user of AAS. I plan on putting a few pounds of lean muscle while reducing body fat by a couple percentages. Basically like a mini-recomp. I chose a SARM to acquire the cleanest gains with little to no damage to my hormones or liver. And i expect to put on at least a solid five pounds of lean muscle and reduce my body fat from 18% to 14%.

Watch for higher e2, especially mixing the ostartine and clomid. Ostarine supposedly makes it go up a little already, and clomid can make it go even higher.

  1. You were told to take the Clomid by someone. Ok, that’s fine. Why did he tell you to run it? What is the science behind that decision?
  2. You want 5lbs of LBM and a reduction of total BF by 4% (which is a 23% reduction) from Ostarine? In eight weeks? Those are more like the results of someone on a low dose of Tren.

You could easily get those results over a longer period of time without any need to use a SARM. If you’re going to mess with your endocrine system then it should be worth the risk. Ostarine is not. Yeah, it’s mild and probably won’t hurt you too much, but that’s not really the goal. If the goal is what you stated then you can get that with diet and training. Seriously. You should consider waiting eight weeks and just go all-out with your training. I’m willing to bet you’ll be impressed with how much you can do without any enhancements. You’re 20, so your body is basically a testosterone machine right now. See what you can naturally before you start fooling around with with SARMs (the Drake of the steroid world).

Maybe you’re right. I chose to take enhancements because I just felt like I’ve hit a plateau that I’ve been stuck in for quite a while. I’ve been sustaining maintenance calories through this period. And I do get what you mean when you say these are realistic goals without the need for enhancements. What would you recommend as a solid training program for someone that responds better to heavier weights between rep ranges of 4-8?

I’d say go over to the training forum and see what those guys have to say. There are some guys over there that have decades of experience and they’re willing to help anyone who asks. They are much more qualified than I am (or probably ever will be). Good luck to you, man. Keep working hard and you’ll get where you want to go.

I’m trying MK2866 too, first dose was today at 25 mg. I’m not taking Nolvadex or Clomid though, just an AI, Arimistane for PCT.

Since MK2866 can’t convert to estrogen I’m not sure it makes sense to take Clomid during the cycle to block estrogen. From my understanding, the only reason an anti-estrogen might be necessary is post cycle, assuming your testosterone is suppressed, to counter estrogen your body produces and prevent an imbalance.

Also, if you’re overly concerned about suppression, maybe run the cycle for 4-6 weeks. From what I’ve read, suppression usually occurs around that time (if it does at all). But lots of people apparently have zero suppression on MK2866. A 20 year old probably won’t.

That’s all the feedback I can provide. Good luck on your cycle!

But to answer your question, no I don’t think Nolvadex, Clomid and an AI is necessary. In fact, I think taking all three is major overkill and likely harmful. Nolvadex and Clomid block estrogen receptors while an AI prevent it from forming in the first place … but all three essentially do the same thing, target estrogen. Remember MK2866 doesn’t even convert to estrogen. These drugs are only necessary to combat low natural testosterone levels post cycle.

Anyway, I’m a beginner who’s done a lot of research but no first hand experience with MK2866 so I’m definitely no expert. I suggest you research it for yourself to confirm.

Ostarine absolutely causes suppression. There’s a lot of guys who have posted blood work over the years after running it and their test was tanked.

I remain mystified as to why these things are attractive to anyone. SARMs are not cheap and they have almost no clinical research in regards to muscle growth or hormone health in men. They are not a genuine alternative to steroids.

Thanks for the feedback hello. And really appreciate the advice yuppie I’ll check that out for sure and maybe post some before and after from programs in the forums.