First Men's Physique Contest This Summer

Hey guys. I’m a new member but I’ve been lurking for many years. I am going to compete in my first Men’s Physique comp this summer towards the very end of June.
I was looking for advice regarding my training (weak body parts) for and diet for contest prep as well as as just general things I should be doing (supplements :wink: ) or thinking about leading up to the contest.

Bodyweight: 158
bf: not sure but definitely below 9%
doubt these mean anything but…
Bench: 260
Squat: 350
Power Clean: 205
Deadlift: around 450 but I stopped deadlifting a year ago

pics: still trying to figure out how to do this…

Other info: I’ve been training for 5 years (seriously for 3) I following a very high volume routine as Im kind of a pre workout junky and I don’t feel like going into detail but my split is
Day 1: Chest/Back/Traps 60+ sets
Day 2: Arms (Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps,)
Day 3: tbh about 50% of the time I just repeat Day 1 but its supposed to be legs 40+ sets and forearms

Breakfast 3 boiled eggs
Lunch: Sandwich; Turkey, Cheese, Lettuce, and Light Mayo on a roll.
Dinner: whatever my parents make me, but pretty much always consists of carbs (rice or past), protein and fats(chicken or fish), and veggies off
Prebed shake: 24 oz of whole milk and 2 raw jumbo eggs and one a day multivitamin

Yeah I know I have a typical bro split and my diet is shit cuz I have to eat what Im given.
Anyways I recently got my first job so my diet is open to change and I just bought some new sups (BCAAs, whey, hemavol, and preworkout.)

thanks in advance for any advice

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Pics look good, already lean, but now the focus should be on not losing muscle as you dial that extra little bit into true contest shape.

Have you been to a show before? I’m asking because often times people jump onstGe with nothing but the insistence of their gym buddies (who usually know close to nothing about competing) and are shocked that they didn’t win outright.

I will add that your physique does look fairly balanced, though I’d love to see those lower lays brought up some.