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First Men’s Physique Comp (16 Weeks Out)

I am currently 16 weeks out from my first comp in men’s physique on october 5th. I am 20 years old, 5’10 and weigh 207 as of this mornings check in. Also what do you think my bf % is? I wanted your guys advice for this long prep. I am two weeks in on this clean diet and feel pretty good with 30mins of cardio 6 days a week. Any advice and encouragement would help! I want this win badly and I am bringing everything I have to the table!!!

You look around 10% and you look awesome! With 16 weeks and this condition you have loooots of room

You look good but not “he’s ready to win” good yet.

My thoughts:

-did you just start doing that much cardio recently? What effect did it have? Possibly you could be doing less this far out.

-“eating clean” doesn’t mean anything. Your body sees nutrients and calories, not clean and dirty food. Track what you’re eating so that you can make changes if you need to. Of you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll ever know what’s working or not.

-current bf% doesn’t matter. Having/retaining the most muscle while bringing the best conditioning (or best “look” for physique) is what does. No judge will ever get onstage with body fat calipers or a tape measure.


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hey man appreciate the response. So rn I am doing 30mins on the stair master right after my workout for cardio. My meal plan is currently 2200-2500 calories, 220g protein, 60g fat, 200g carbs. Any advice to get to that winning physique in 16 weeks?

It’s going to come down to steady progress that doesn’t foolishly sacrifice muscle in the quest to move as quickly as possible.

Again, know what you’re doing every week, and objectively assess if it has yielded movement or if you need to change. NEVER CHANGE JUST TO CHANGE, and NEVER RACE TO EAT AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE or do as much cardio as possible.

If you can get away eating more and doing less cardio for a longer stretch while still moving, it’s always for the better!


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Probably the best paragraph ive read today and completely agree. Start playing with your food sources and dont fear simple fast burning carbs, I switched rice to cereal 2 times per day, and damn im happy what im seeing and how its been going for me recently and I’m also on the cut as well sub 10% i believe. Good post mate, agree with all the other lines as well :slight_smile:

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if you’re that lean at 16 weeks out, i would’ve started carbs around 300-350g. because once you plateau since you’re already doing cardio 6 days a week and only starting with 200g carbs, you’ll have to keep dropping carbs and increasing cardio and it’ll be miserable.

And i would do LISS on incline treadmill. just as effective for fat loss and doesnt wear your body out as much as the stairmaster does.

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Appreciate it brotha. I got my weight up to 215 as of this morning so around 8 weeks out i’ll prob cut down to 200ish and drop carbs under 100g. What do you think?

Dropping the carbs down that low will just depend on how much cardio you’re doing at that time and how your body is responding to your carbs leading up to that point.

I’d have to see how your diet is set up. If your carb cycling or what.

Generally pretty good shape.

As an aside, nips looking puffy/early stage gyno, if taking gear or hormonal supp I’d re-evaluate your protocol

Some people don’t ever have to drop carbs. In my more recent contests I actually kept carbs higher through the end and actually dropped fats and protein more. Some people can retain muscle better on less carbs than others,… at the end of the day though, your body will make it’s own carbs if you’re giving it more protein than it needs anyway.