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First Meet


I finished my first meet yesterday. I ended up going 8 out of 9 on my lifts missing ~297 on the bench. I got 275 bench, 375 squat and a 475 deadlift. (I don't remember the exact weight in pounds as it was in kilos but those are w/in a few tenths of the weights) I weighed in at 205.8. I was really happy, hit a pr on squat and dl despite a really rough previous two weeks of work, getting sick and missed workouts.


Congrats great work!!!!

you plan on doing more??



Fair play man, good work!

What fed/meet was it, were your equipped or raw?

I just did my first comp in July, hope you got the bug!


You need to take a few days off (5-6) then start to roll again.......keep it up!

The Hammer


Good job...first one is about getting over the nerves more than anything. Keep at it and those numbers will go up! Are you going to try and cut to 198 or move to a full 220?


Good work, any PR is a good day!

What are your future plans?


Thanks guys, It was a blast and I def. plan on doing more. I lifted raw w/ no belt or wraps and it was a USAPL meet. I want to continue to a full 220 and possibly beyond. I lost about 5 lbs before this meet due to being sick and some other factors but since I am 6 1 I want a bit more size.


Great job! At 6' 1", you'll be a 242 in no time. :wink:

What's next?


Well I am wanting to gain some weight and compete in a meet being held this December in Va. I will post some pics from the meet as soon as I get them.


Finally got a few pics...