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First Meet

I have trolled through this website for years. I even have old copies of the published magazine. I have decided to compete in my first powerlifting meet in June. I have been implementing the 5 3 1 method for the past several months and although I have made some progress, I was wondering if I shold be using a different program for example Smolov, in order to make the best gains possible in the next six months. Or should I just stick to 5 3 1 slow and steady. I wil only be competing in the Ironman divison (No squat) and would be a Masters lifter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My best pause bench press is 305 and my best deadlift is 400. Those PRs may not set the powerlifting world on fire but I am just looking forward to competing.

If it’s your first competition, don’t worry about peaking or placing, just go get some experience and have fun. You can follow the 5/3/1 for powerlifting design put out by Wendler as well.

pretty much same advice as above. I just did my first comp and was using 5/3/1 in my training. I did use a peak so to say but it was just what I felt would give me confidence. I did a set of triples 6 weeks out, doubles 5 weeks out, heavy singles 4 weeks out, 3 weeks out I did singles with a weight between my first and second attempt weights, then 2 weeks out I just worked up to my openers, and then deloaded 1 week out.

It helped me feel better handling bigger weights than I trained with. but im a beginner and I believe most first timers use 5/3/1 and just deload the week before with a lot of success. Open reletively light and you will have a fun time.

Thanks for the advice.