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First Meet


Well yesterday I entered my first meet, I only entered the deadlift but felt good about what I did. First pull was 495, second was 535, third was 570, I pulled for a forth pull to set a PR of 600 at 220lbs. Won 1st place and set the state record for Novice 220lbs.


Ummmm...why don't you enter all 3 lifts?

Great job on the deadlift, though.


Very solid, nice job!


I didn't enter all three because they were $60 per event so I just went with the one that I knew I had the best chance of winning.




that's odd. all the meets i've done has either a full meet, push/pull or individual events. if they actually charged $60 for each even, then that's a huge rip off. i'm all for making some money but that's highway robbery.

what fed was this??