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First Meet

My wife and I are training for a raw powerlifting meet on May 9. Neither one of us are extreemly strong but we are excited about getting started in powerlifting.

I have a couple questions:

Will Wendler 531 program be sufficient for training for a powerlifting meet? I’m going in to this with a long term view. This will not be my last meet.

Will Wendler 531 work just as well for women?

Has anyone tried modifying Wendlers 531 to better suit powerlifting?

Is there a 1 rep max calculator or equation to estimate 1RM for women? I need a good starting point for my wife. She has never lifted for strength but she is suprisingly strong. A 135lb bench is pretty easy for her. Since she’s never maxed out I think estimating her 1RM would give us a good starting piont for her.

  1. Wendeler’s program is good to train for a powerlifting meet.

  2. Yes, Wendler’s program will work just as well for women.

  3. 5/3/1 is designed around powerlifting, modifying it anymore to better suit PLing is impossible.

If you buy the manuel, there’s am equation that will tell you your wife’s 1RM.

I ran a 3 wave cycle of 5/3/1 and I believed in conditioned my body to handle weight above 80% without being taxed so heavily. There are numerous programs out there that can help you from 5x5 to Shieko.

Overall, I believe it is a good start b/c it gives you an idea of the difference between your perceived 1RM your calculated 1RM (actual vs. factual). If you stay consistent just like with any program, you will reap the benefits.

Just try not to be overwelmed by the amount of information on the internet. Pick a program that you may like and stay consistent. After each wave, analyze your progress and make changes.