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First Meet Yesterday


Competed in the Southern Showdown in Lafayette,LA yesterday, a USAPL collegiate meet. Entered at 242, had to lose about 3-4 lbs. in the last week before the meet, but overall not too bad. Weighed in a 240.5 and quickly demolished food. The 181+ didn't begin until around 3, so I sat around most of the day helping friends get warmed up and eating/drinking. I competed raw.

455 (low opener, crushed it.)
495 (my gym PR, crushed it.)
520 (missed.)

365 (low opener, crushed it.)
385 (crushed it.)
405 (gym PR, felt way heavier than usual, didn't get it.)

500 (easy)
535 (get PR, easy)
555 (didn't budge, I was DEAD)

Totaled 1415, and left some weight on the table by over guessing my third attempts. Overall, I'm pretty happy, and I'll begin training an equipped cycle for the first time ever in a little while. There might be some pictures or videos out there, but I didn't have anyone filming.


Congrats man, those are great numbers for your first meet.


Thanks Blacklabel. I forgot to add that best of all, I cleared my QT for Collegiate Nationals by 125 lbs. I'll have my first equipped meet in mid January (just looking to get comfortable with the gear) and then Collegiate Nationals in May. If/when I get my 1700 lb. QT, I'll probably head to Men's Nationals in June, because it's in Mississippi, which is only a 4 hour drive.


impressive, next time, videos.


yeah asshole...videos!!!!!!

just kidding...Good job son.

And I'll bet his hair looked phenomenal.


My hair looked great. I had to squeeze into a size L singlet, so that was awkward.

Thanks for all the help D, couldn't have done it without you!


No problem


1415 is definitely an awesome total for a first meet! Congrats!


Thanks! Can't wait to get some equipment on and do it again.