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First Meet Write-Up

Just thought I would share my experience here, as I know hardly anybody in real life who has even the remotest interest in powerlifting, hah.

Yesterday, I competed at the APF Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships in Portland, ME. This was my first meet, though I have been training for 2.5 years or so.

Weighed-in the day before at 163, and competed in the Men’s Open Raw division (no wraps allowed), which was all grouped together as one unit, no weight classes. Scores were judged by some coefficient formula.

I was quite apprehensive about my performance going into this, as this was my first meet and in a totally different environment from where I train. I lift alone in my trailer, and live 2.5 hours north of the city of Portland. However, the meet went far better than I expected.

On to the lifts:


Warmups felt amazing. Squat bar was awesome to use.

385- 3 Whites
402- 3 whites (2 lb PR)
418- 3 whites (18 lb PR)

-I wish squats felt like this everyday. Fantastic performance, feel like I couldve had 10-20 more lbs. Very aggressive in exploding out of the hole.


warmups pretty okay. But shoulders were achey from bad sleep the night previous.

238- 3 Whites
253- No lift
253- No lift

-God, I hate the bench press lol. Need to really work on getting this number up, but I have a bad shoulder, so Benching frequency has been an issue.


warmups were fast and solid. I wish I owned one of these deadlift bars, wow.

468- 3 Whites
501- 3 Whites (16 lb PR)
518- 3 Reds (Hitched the fuck out of it, wouldve counted in strongman lol)

-Very happy to finally hit 500. Tore a callous on my right hand bad while doing my best strongman impression on the 3rd attempt, haha.

Total- 1157

Overall, I had a great time. Met some cool people, and really look forward to competing again in the future. Gonna take a couple days off, feels like I got hit by a train at the moment. Probably will start a training log on here again, if anyone wants to follow.

Awesome job bro!

Thanks man, I appreciate it!

Awesome Job.

nice work man, quality bar’s make a big diffrence!