First meet wrap up with video

So last Saturday I competed in the NASA TX State Championships in Dallas. I weighed in at 196.5, down from around 206 a week earlier thanks to a stomach bug. I wasn’t too happy about dropping so much weight, but everything was running right through me and just sucked…Enough of that.

Looking back, I undershot some attempts, overshot others, but you live and learn I suppose. My bench has always sucked, but then again, I have zero technique. I hope to learn how to use leg drive and a proper arch to see what I can do with my long arms. I’m a work in progress, and that’s ok by me. I had a blast. I did manage one PR on deadlift, so was very happy about that. I think I had more in me, too. Anyways, hope you don’t mind Deftones…

You murdered those squats and deadlifts. I’d say you hda at least 30 lbs more in you on the squat and 50-ish on the dead. But shit, who cares - its a first meet - everything is a PR! I had same issue with my first meet haha.

Awesome! Keep it up. Also - loving the venue - that was one fancy chandallier :wink:

Haha, what can I say man. When I think powerlifting, I think Holiday Inn!

Yea, I wish I could’ve had one more squat and pull. I should’ve made 330 my 2nd attempt and just went for it for my final, at least grind for it! But you’re right, it was my first one and I learned alot.

Great technique. Puts me to shame.

How tall are you?

Nice lifts. You owned the squat and pull!

Thanks alot everybody.

ros1816, I’m 6’2". As a teenager, my pediatrician predicted I would top out at 5’7". Face!!!