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First Meet with 5/3/1


I have a question about training for my first powerlifting meet. I have a meet on 14th december. I'm currently doing Boring But Big with changed assitance:

deads 5/3/1
front squats 5x10

squats 5/3/1
good mornings 5x10

bench 5/3/1
slight incline db bench 5x10

press 5/3/1
dips 5x5

I was thinking about doing my normal 5/3/1 cycles until 8th december, then on the 8th december istead of doing squat workout just do some ramping until 1RM on squat, bench and deadlift, then on 10th december do light (3 sets of 8 maybe with some reps left in a tank) of squat, bench and deads and on 12th do even lighter training of again squat, bench and deadlift. On off days I'm doing streaching and foam rolling. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe You have some better plan on training for this meet?
I know I'm little bit "late", but I know about this meet for like 10 minutes or so.



Thank you, good stuff!