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First Meet Went Decent

had my first meet and it went pretty good. i was so nervous and scared mostly that i wouldn’t hit depth on my squats and that i would zero out and miss my first attempts and be totally screwed. that didn’t happen thankfully. didn’t bother to cut or gain weight just showed up, weighed in at 298. i somehow managed to actually get a decent sleep the night before. went way too conservative on my first attempts and it kind of screwed me up and i could have definitely put more pounds on my total. oh well now i know for next time hopefully i wont be so damn nervous.

went three for three on squats, 374, 402, 440. 440 went up too easy should have made 402 my opener then 440 then gone for a bigger third attempt. bench was two for three went 341, 363, and missed 402. again should have done 363 first and then tried 385-390 ish would have made it. still wouldn’t have made 402 third attempt but again would have put pounds on my total. three for three on deads, 551, 600, 639. 25 pound pr deadlift and had more in the tank went up nicely and i was very pumped about that!

so next time i will not be such a pansy and put in a decent first attempt now that i know i don’t have to worry so much about depth or messing up on a technical cue. i’m super pumped for my next meet which is in about 6 months hopefully i put some more respectable numbers especially in my squat ha.


Man that’s awesome, congratulations!!