First Meet Videos and Write Up

My first meet went well! Got a 1115 total at 175 pounds and more importantly had a lot of fun.

I made two mistakes, one major, one minor. The major mistake I made was not having enough confidence in my squat.

I opened with 285 which felt super awkward mainly because of how nervous I was but also because it was the first time using a monolift and first time squatting without a mirror. I Second attempt was 315 which was easy. Third attempt was 340. I should have gone up to 375 but I didn’t because I thought that would have been too big a jump. I nailed the 340. I was pleased that the 340 felt so good but disappointed I didn’t use my attempts as wisely as I should have.

Bench went well. 240 felt like nothing, and 260 felt decent too. I decided to go for 275 because I didn’t want to be too conservative like I was with squat. As I lowered it to my chest it felt really light, I started to press it and all of a sudden I lost it. No big deal anyway, this was the minor mistake.

Deadlifts went perfectly. Opened with 440 - easy. Then went up to 485 - easy again. I wasn’t expecting these to feel so easy because it had been a long day and I hadn’t eaten too much. Then I went for 510 which I’ve failed with twice recently in the gym, I smoked it.

All in all pretty happy. Bench and deadlifts went to plan. Squats didn’t but I’ll put that right in next weeks competition.

It was a great learning experience, great to see a world champion powerlifter break some records and meet a lot of other lifters.

I have another meet on Sunday and could do with some advice regarding openners.

Below is a video of my best bench, deadlift and 2nd attempt squat (guy filming missed my 3rd)

Great work!

Thanks dude.

Trying to figure out what to open with at my next competition on Sunday,

I’m thinking 330 for squat, 240 again for bench and 495 deadlift.

The deadlift record for my age & weight is 530. I’d like to have a crack at that as my 510 went up nicely.

Really good pulling. As for figuring out your attempts, you’ll get there, it just takes experience. I still have trouble with that, and I’m getting ready for my 5th (maybe 6th) meet this April.