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First Meet Today


Yeah, did my first meet today, competed in the 110kg (240lbs) division! my lifts was:

195kg(429lbs) - 140kg(308lbs) - 190kg(418lbs)

quite satisfied with this and glad that i got green lights in all three lifts! :slight_smile:


Right on, bro. Did you get any video while you were there?










wow awesome I've been wanting to get into power lifting really bad!!! I have a teacher that only does legs but can squat liek 515 its insane. HOws a 170 guy squating 325 as of now sound could I start competing and not get laughed at.


Congrats! Good job for a first meet.


Great job man! I have my first meet in 9 or 10 months from now. I have only been training WS for 1.5 months and hope to compete at 220Lb weight class. Great job.


some more facts:
I've been training PL for about 5 months now, in 2-3 months I'm going to go to a bigger meet.. I'm a bit confused when it comes to choosing a program for my next 10 weeks, but we'll see.. :slight_smile:



Stay strong




Nice work mate !!!


good job!


I've never seen anyone get laughed at during a meet...if you're interested in competing just go ahead and do it.


Nice lifting. Welcome to the madness! :slightly_smiling:



1200 getting closer...


How did I miss this one?
You can place this under "Strength Sports" if you like.

Looks like you've got great form going down on the squat. Other pics were nice too. How did you feel overall?
High five!!


I have a few quick questions . . .
1) Did your numbers go squat bench dead, dead squat bench, or bench dead squat? I'm assuming squat bench dead.
2) I haven't maxed out in awhile at any of these lifts, but my 10x3s on Waterbury Method (80% of max lift in theory) are bench 240, squat 340, and dead at 315, which would be maxes of around 300, 425, and 380. I weigh 175, so I'm sorta curious how I would do in a powerlifting meet. My only major concern is my squat form. I go down to parallel, but it looks like you're going down even further than that. Is that required on the lift?
3) Where does one find info on local powerlifting meets? I'm sure it's been posted before, but I figure I might as well ask while I'm on the topic.

Thanks a lot, and good luck on the next one.