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First Meet Results

I just got back from my 1st meet and thought I’d put up a few pictures.

Here’s the info.

WABDL Heart-of-America Bench and DL championships

Class: Class 1 220lbs.

402 (miss)


The picture is of me getting ready to bring the 523 back to the platform.

Nice job there. What do you squat also just out of curiosity? Good luck in your future meets.

Great job!
Glad to see you decided to compete.


Congrats on the performance!

Hopefully you have learned a ton from the experience and will come back even stronger next time. Keep up the great work!

Stay strong

Trying to work the lockout on 402.

Thanks to all for the congratulations.

Hfrogs: WABDL is bench and DL only no squat. Although I’m looking to do a full meet in July. Any suggestions for something in the mid-west?

Mike: Thanks again for the tips and training from the seminar. I’ve been starting my pull closer to my shins and I really makes a difference getting it off the floor. I really learned a lot from the meet today. Mainly, know your weights. I went there just to get a feel for it and make all my lifts. I got a little carried away on the bench and went for 402 (I did 400 in the gym last Saturday). I should have went for 390 to get the lift in. In the DL, I feel I left about 25-30lbs on the platform. That 523 went right to lockout. Oh well, the experience was the best part of the day.

congratulations man! quick technique question, are you supposed to be up on the balls of your feet like that when you bench, doesn’t that take away alot of your power? please forgive my ignorance if that is a really stupid comment. i just saw the westside tape and dave tate talks about really planting your feet so that you can transfer your power and keep the weight on your upper back.

Shank, Great question. After working one-on-one with Sebatian Burns from Metal Milita, I and my team have changed our bench style for Westside to Metal Milita(where is where the setup comes from). Being up on our toes serves a couple a purposes. First of all, it allows us to get our feet way behind us and allows our pelvis to rotate down toward the bench (note the hips in the picture). This guarantees that my butt does not come off the bench and I get “red lighted”. Secondly, allowing my hips to rotate down allows me to get into a good arch and helps push my abs out, thereby shortening the distance I have to bring the bar down to get it to touch. Also, I’m able to push my heels toward the floor and, by doing this, I expand my midsection even further to shorten the bar travel. Don’t get me wrong, Westside technique is good but we are getting good results with the Metal Milita setup. My previous gym 1RM was 335lbs.

i think metal militia uses the bench technique he is using and i’m pretty sure the westside guys are moving towards that as well.

great job. now find a meet to squat in. You havent competed until you have to squat. the squat is hectic to say that least. great job on that bench.

Ok a couple more.

I’ve been training this guy for the meet.

He’s 17 yrs old and 238 lbs. He has been pulling deads for about 1 month.

He’s got 446 and the Missouri state record in his hands. He’ll do some damage at the Worlds.

brian, thanks alot for the answer, do you think it would be a good idea for me to try the bench the way you do it or is it just a personal preference?

shank: I can’t tell you to just start setting up like that. There is a lot that goes into the setup. Other than picking up a barbell, having a Milita Seminar and Sebatian working with me one-on-one was the best thing that has ever happened to my bench. The seminars are rather affordable. Go to their website and check it out, metalmilita.net. The next best thing is to order their videos. Get the Advanced Bench Press training video and then the Competition Bench video.

Gym owner, training partner and good friend working 529.


Iowa APF Full Power,Bench,Push/Pull August 7th. Going to feature a Pro division, and be a WPO qualifier. I think you should go. Bill Carpenter is heading it up, and should be some big names and big totals there. Thats what I’m currently training for right now. Gives you plenty of time to get strong and ready to bust some PRs!

www.apf-iowa.com --> Forum to view the details. Big thread about it.

Thanks for the info Landon, I’ll check it out.

great great job brian…keep up the hardwork bro…bm