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First Meet Results!


So i had my first meet on saturday the 12th. It was in west plains MO and i competed RAW. It was a amazing experience and i had a blast! I got a award in the RAW division. And totaled 1625 LBs. i wanted to post some vids and see if anyone could offer advice on form and what not. the numbers where 575/450/600 and i weighed in at 347 at 19 years old


575 Lb squat



450 lb bench


600 lbs dead lift


Nice lifts! Your deadlift set-up looks a little funny. It's kind of in no man's land between where you legs would be for conventional and semi/modified sumo and it puts your arms kind of wide. I think you'll pull more weight if you do one of two things: either move the feet out wider and embrace the modified sumo stance (and get your hands straight down from your shoulders) or move those feet in closer together and the hands in too so they are straight below your shoulders. Both of these changes should shorten the range of motion and/or make the movement more powerful for you.


You are very large.


Thanks! i should have practiced deads more haha. And yeah thats exactly what allot of the more experienced guys at the meet were saying, ether do sumo or do conventional. i want to practice sumo and see how it feels.


Haha ill take that as a complement.


Nice lifts man. Your going to find out right away if your built for Sumo. Good luck.


Good job, 1600+ raw for a first meet is a great accomplishment at any weight




Thank you!


Awesome lifting, did that total qualify you for Raw Nationals?


Thank you. And no sadly i dont think so, this meet was not sanctioned. At least thats what they told me. The meet that would have qualified me was on the same day in the ozarks, but i had already paid for this one so it was to late.


Congrats! You smoked all of those lifts, when you correct that dead lift form you would be good for another 50 pounds. Great Job!


youtube much?

Congrats brother, great numbers!


Great lifts and keep up the good work brother!
You ever think about dropping down to a healthy weight? 350lbs at 19 is quite a bit for your body to carry, not to mention your heart. You could still lift heavy, and even keep gaining strength if you adjust your diet a little bit.


Thanks and i hope so.


haha youtube is the shit. Thanks man!