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First Meet Results


Well had my first meet yesterday. It was down in Santa Clarita. It was supposed to be the So Cal Regionals but due to the fire 1/2 of the lifters couldn't make it to the gym due to the 5 freeway being closed. I weighed in at 235.

Lifts went like this:

Opened at 365(real light), smoked it. Went to 403, smoked that, but forgot to wait for the judge to tell me to rack it. Went to 429 for my last one, grinded it out, but got 3 reds for taking forever.

This went horrible. I think my cns was burned out. Opened at 275, jumped to 303, got stapled halfway up. Had to take it again, same result.

I was looking forward to this. Opened at 475, smoked it. Went to 503, smoked that. The plan was to go to 532, but jumped to 545 for a 20 lb pr. Got it up and it took me a second to lock it out but got 3 reds for hitching, which I don't think I did.

All in all a 1103 total. Was a lot of fun.


Good stuff dude. What fed was it with??

I doubt you got reds for taking too long with the squat tbh....

And I'd say you were just tired coming into the bench. People who haven't competed before don't realise how much a max squat can take out of you before moving onto the bench!!


It was usapl. I know I hit depth on it but the head judge said he would call it if it took longer than 3 seconds to hit the lift coming out of the hole.


That means that you stalled on the way up and the bar was no longer progressing in an upward motion. Not that it was taking to long -- just very unlikely that you were going to lock it out :wink:.

Nice job on your first meet.


Good job. I competed in my first meet this weekend too. I had no idea how different lifting in comp with all those people watching and judges with fingers on the red button would be, compared to lifting in the gym.

I reckon we'll both do better next time. Everyone else competing at me meet seemed to have Nationals or Worlds experience and took it all in their stride.


No matter how much experience it can still get to ya. And they all had to start at the beginning as well. :wink: It might seem to be easier for them, but truely the nerves are just the same, just get better at managing them.


I suspect some people actually learn how to use them. The only guy who looked properly nervous managed a 15kg PR in his bench attempt.


It was nerve racking. My squats felt easier, maybe due to not having a mirror in front of me. My deads felt easy too.


nice job man. I was supposed to go to that meet too. A real bummer.

We tested in our gym unofficially instead.


Where do you lift at?




Great job!!




Nice job and congrats!


Congrats Ballin

I had my first meet about a month ago in Wisconsin at a bodyweight of 235 also. sounds like you're much stronger than me right now, but hoping to get up there man. I had a total of 998 lbs. I felt pretty good about it though for just starting training for powerlifting about 1 month prior to the meet