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First Meet Results: 1168lb Total at 196


PTC Canberra Novice Powerlifting meet. Eleven pound PRs on all lifts, bench was the biggest surprise. Thanks to the people on here who gave me advice! It helped, especially for the attempts, squat and bench.


Good job, what were your lifts by attempt?


Thanks! Squats ran 385, 429, 440; bench 209, 231, 242; and dead lift 429, 473 and 485. My second attempts were all my current training maxed and the idea was to legitimise them by getting judges to white light them. My thirds were a 5 kg PR attempt to see how that felt to get an idea how to set out my second and third attempts for the GPC meet in four weeks time.


Congrats man,

I’m hoping to do a PTC Sydney meet in June, in the 181 class. Nervous just thinking about it. Any advice?


Thanks! Great idea to get up on the platform, it’s a great feeling.

The best advice I can give you is to spend some time setting out a training cycle that’ll have you peaking for the meet. Depending on how confident and experienced you are you can either do that yourself or get a coach to do it for you. I’ve been competing since 2012 (not in PL, but the principles are very similar) so I did it myself. Don’t overcomplicate it. Linear progression works great unless you’re at least intermediate. I used a pendulum approach because I found the 12 week linear cycle I finished end of 2014 beat me up a bit.

Once your program is sorted, before you start following it get your big three checked for technique. The PTC you’re thinking of competing at should be able to do that for you along with coaching and programs if you need.

Once that’s done, get lifting and trust the process. About a month out from the meet you’ll start to get an idea of what your attempts will look like. Make sure you know your first and second attempts at least a week out so you don’t have to think about it.