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First Meet Recap


Hey Guys! A lot of you have been really helpful in helping me prepare for my first meet, so I thought I would share how it went! I went 9/9, nothing but white lights, and hit PR’s on everything. I totaled 1120, weighting 215 and 19 years old. Got to start somewhere! It was such a supportive atmosphere, I’m glad I did it and it definitely won’t be my last! Link to my 3rd attempts below. Thanks again for all the help!


You picked attempt wisely, deep squat, explosive bench, excellent pull great meet. On your benches you did great, but as long armed as you are, watch for uneven lockouts .
Knee wraps start using they will prevent injury in squats, you buried yours good job . I didnt use knee wraps until 8 years of squats , wish i used earlier .
Now look for a meet in 4 -6 months get stronger aim for 400, 300 , 500 on second attempts .


That’s a great result. Lifts looked really good, and that total is an excellent point to start from.