First Meet Questions

I’m new to the forum and had have just started training for powerlifting. First as I have looked around the site I feel the need to put as much about me as possible first

35 years old
6’1" 180 lbs
Lifts 300/235/385
Background is basically nothing from high school until a couple of years ago when I started that ugly word “crossfit”. I really enjoyed working out again but it was not my thing. So I started just lifting for strength, physique, and general health.
Just recently I have started training specifically for powerlifting and Brandon Lilly is handling my programming. Now to my question.

What numbers do I need in order to not just be embarrassing at my first meet. Having never been to one, I can’t see going in without at least a 1000# plus total. Or am I over thinking it and would be fine just scheduling one for the end of my 15 week program and getting the first one under my belt?

Thanks in advance

Got it in one. Don’t get caught up in numbers. Set a total, then next meet aim to beat it.


Yep, overthinking it. Just sign up. You are not going to embarrass yourself. Go lift, and go 9 for 9. Almost everyone at meets are very supportive and if you mention to other lifters that it’s your first, I am willing to bet they will help you out in any way they can. I remember a meet where a guy showed up without a singlet or deadlift socks and everyone was scrambling to find him spare gear so that he could compete.

Pick easy openers. Once you get that first squat in the nerves subside and it is some of the most fun you will ever have. When it’s over you have a total and something to beat at the next meet. Good luck!

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If I didn’t have a singlet and someone found one for me to use I think I might just say I’ll sit this one out lol