First Meet Question

I have my first meet this saturday and got a question. Ive read most threads about first meets and know about opening light and making sure to eat and drink enough and all that but was just wondering how much time is usually between attempts? Is there anything you should do or just stay loose and get ready for the next one? Just wondering because I work out alone in my garage and usually have very little rest time between sets so im worried about cooling down between attempts.

You could have anywhere from 10-20+ minutes between attempts. Just stay loose between attempts. At my last meet I did a few bodyweight squats just to stay loose between attempts. If you are competing in equipment, it will keep everything pretty warm. You might bring some sweats with you to put on between attempts if you are having trouble staying warm.

Me personally, I get too wound up to cool off.

It all depends how big the meet it, how many people are in your flight etc etc…

10-20+ is a good assumption.

After your attempt, toss on a hoodie and sweats to keep your body warm. That’s how I keep myself warm and it works pretty well. If a flight it really long then I’ll go into the practice gym and do something really light to keep my blood flowing.

You’ll be fine. Just go there, lift heavy and have fun. Good luck!

Thanks for the input guys. Its the APF/AAPF Michigan State meet so my guess is itll be pretty long flights. Im competing raw so ill bring sweats to make sure im warm.

Yea, like the previous guys said definitely bring sweats/sweatshirt…you can never be too warm in my opinion…nothing is worse than lifting cold…i always bring my ipod with me too and stay in my own zone, try and block out all the other stuff around me…definitely bring some stuff to snack on as well throughout the day, cuz some of those meets can be preeetyyyy god damn long…other than that, good luck and just have fun!!