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First Meet. Pointers?


I'm not going to cut weight or anything but I'm interested in hearing about any food/supplement timing. Big breakfast? What do you eat during the meet?

I usually take a pre workout drink like nitraflex but obviously the meet lasts all day so would you take smaller drinks before your flight is up?

Stuff like that.


First meet?

Eat a normal breakfast. Bring some snacks/lunch – nothing out of the ordinary you would eat.

I’d avoid any stimulant use until deadlifts. They’re likely to cause a crash leaving you feeling like shit, which you obviously want to avoid while lifting.

Make sure your rack heights are exactly where you want them.

Don’t get into the position where you’re rushing your warmups; know when you have to be on the platform.

Don’t forget your wraps/belt/singlet/other stuff.

Cheer others. Have fun.


Day of the meet isn’t a real good time to start trying new things. Eat the way you normally eat.


Having tried many different eating and supplement taking scenarios leading up to a meet this is what I’ve found: The night before have a meal that will not bloat you or congest you the following day. This meal should be healthy not to heavy. The morning of the meat I take my vitamins as usual and a small breakfast.

Again you don’t want your stomach to be full for the meet. A strong cup of coffee and my regular pre-lifting supps is the set up before lifting. The previous advice is spot on which means don’t try something new and be consistent. I think the advice about not having and stimulant until before dead could be good but depends on your personal experience with energy expenditure.

Like I stated I have my regular cup of coffee and supps before squats and bench. Then I will have another cup of coffee or an energy drink and more supps before deads. There usually is quite some time between your last bench and deads so this gives you time to rejuvenate, maybe eat a banana or half a PBJ and have some supps and/or have a stimulant. Timing and planning are everything. Good luck-but you don’t need luck just good thinking, prep, and execution.


Light breakfast full of carbs, bring calorically dense but not bulky food to the meet, listen to all the rules and commands carefully, ask questions if necessary, pre workout b4 deadlifts.

Oh and most importantly? HAVE FUN!!!
You’ll make friends, discuss training advice, cheer strangers on, and strangers will cheer you on.


I sipped a redline during squat warmups. It was just kinda a pick-me-up cause it was pretty early. I didn’t drink anything else until after my last squat. I then had my usual amount of pre-workout along with a scoop of the BCAA stuff I drink. I also didn’t cut weight so I ate likle a monster for dinner the night before. As for breakfast I only had a snack. A small protein shake along with a chicken biscuit. Good luck brother! It’s a great experience.


I wouldn’t use anything out of the ordinary. Something light for breakfast and space out your stimulant use throughout the day. If you drink or take caffeine in the morning do it a while before you start your squats. Helps to avoid any coffee “side-effects” on the platform, if you tend to have that issue.


First meet, just eat your normal breakfast and pre-workout routine whatever that may be.

Bring some calorie dense snacks and water or a sports drinks- whatever is normal for you.

Be attentive to all rules and where you have to be and when.

And have fun, first meets are always a little challenging. But enjoy it, you’ll meet great people and have an awesome time.

Oh, and I eat everything after. IDK if that’s good advice, I just do that.


It really depends on when you are weighing in.

If you are weighing in in the morning, and you are clear of the weight you need to be, have your normal breakfast then go and weigh in.

If you’ve struggled to and are barely coming in under then don’t have your breakfast, go weigh in and depending on when you’re lifting have something to eat.

During the meet have lots of potassium (bananas, coconut water etc) and powerade/gatorade/rehydrating salts/fluids, cookies and shit.


Thanks guys. First meet was very fun, very educational, tragic, and successful. But it was an unsanctioned fun meet so no biggie.

I messed up my squats and should have hit 385 but due to hydration, sleep, nutrition and nerves, I only hit a clean 320.

Bench was worse.

But I redeemed myself with a solid 475 pull (first and second were 410 and 440), which was a 40 lb PR.

First real meet in March with RPS. Looking for 385/225/500. And this time I have a 24 hour weigh in. (I’m in the 198 class and 46 y/o).

I have my sights set on some national and world records in deadlifts for my weight/age class over the coming years, but will continue to lift and compete full power.

Here’s my pull (already posted in another thread):


Nice, 24 hour weigh ins are great just make sure you’re good the day before and you should have an easy morning the next day in terms of what you eat and more control over how you actually feel when you rock up to the meet.

Great pull by the way, wasn’t aware you were an older lifter - solid.


You’re looking good Knobby. Glad to see a fellow older lifter. Question for anyone who knows. I just signed up for my first meet too. I signed up for the 275+ class. I’m about 265 now. What happens if you are under the weight class you sign up for? Do they kick you down to the lower weight class? Thanks . Walt


Slomo–if you weigh 265 you’ll be in the 275 class. If you want to be in the 242 class you’ll have to do a hell of a diet and water cut.

Knobby–stay healthy and see you in Stirling.


Congrats on your first meet. Very nice pull! I’m going to start lifting in RPS this May. We are both in the same age/weight division hope to share the platform some day.


[quote]david s wrote:
Slomo–if you weigh 265 you’ll be in the 275 class. If you want to be in the 242 class you’ll have to do a hell of a diet and water cut.

Knobby–stay healthy and see you in Stirling.[/quote]

That’s what I figured. And no, i’ll stay with the fat boys. No way I can get to the 242’s lol