First Meet, Need Help

hey Jim quick question, going to compete in my first meet in 6 weeks from now. Just found out about this meet so i dont have time for the 4 week pre meet training, and 4 week meet prep training that you outline in 5 3 1 for powerlifting ebook. Should I just wait until I am 4 weeks out for the meet then do the pre meet training?
one more quick question, the most ive benched is 300 lbs, but according to one rep max calculators i use when doing rep maxes, my estimated 1rm for bench is around 325. should i make 325 my 3rd attempt at the meet?

can someone please help me wit this

[quote]newfielifter wrote:
can someone please help me wit this [/quote]

Try posting this in the powerlifting sub forum. You’ll probably get more responses.

This is easy -

For 5 weeks, set PR’s, work up to Jokers if you feel good.
1-2 assistance movements per workout.

Last week before the meet, hit 85% of your TM for a single on all three lifts, last workout being on Wed.

As for you estimated max and all that - as I’ve said before the estimated max is not a predictor of what you can do, rather it is a way to compare rep maxes (see the original 5/3/1 book). You have to base your attempts on what you feel you can hit, not what a formula says you might be able to do. Since this is your first meet, I highly recommend opening low and being smart in your attempts. There is no need to go for broke on every attempt. A meet, for many people, is much different than just going to the gym. So be prepared.

Take Jim’s advice, but remember to make sure that those singles are competition form. Ideally, have someone give you the signals so that there’s no surprises when you come out for the first squat.