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First Meet in a Month?


So, I just found out that there will be a beginner's meet where I live the 28th of March. Now, I've never done a meet before but I do want to. So I'm thinking about signing up.

Is this too short a notice? If not, how should I alter my training to boost my numbers? Haven't really done any PLing stuff before, so I'm very green at this.

I've been training BBing style as of late, ramping up and going for one all out set of 8-12 reps. So what should I change and what should I keep in mind? Anyone feel like chiming in and helping a newbie out?


Sign up. I'm competing in my first meet this year too. Good luck.


stats would help us...


That would seem to make sense yes:P

I weigh 99kg, I'm 17, 181cm tall and I've lifted 130kg*8 on the back squat(haven't been back squatting lately though, front squats have been the order of the day), I've done 115kg(touch and go,not paused) on the bench and I'm hitting 180kg*12 on the deadlift.


Go for it man. No time like the present to step up on the platform! At the very least it will be a learning experience and you'll have fun!


Hell yeah. I'm gonna do it.