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First Meet in 3.5 Wks. Cut Weight or Not?


Hi all,

First time poster, looking for advice on first powerlifting meet in 3.5 weeks.

Currently weigh 95.5kg and need advice on whether to cut to 93kg (as planned) or compete in the 105kg class.

I'm looking to achieve the national qualifying total of 545kg in 93kg class. However, I think the 572.5kg qualifying total in the 105kg class is beyond my reach.

Any and all advice appreciated.



if cutting was your plan why haven't you executed it? Do what you want. That's pretty small weight cut anyway. Depending on when the weigh ins are, it'd likely be an easy cut.


if its 24 hour weigh in I think you would be stupid not to cut you barely 7lbs away. Hell could start cleaning up the diet and probably only have 2-3 pounds left to cut by then.


This. With 24 hr, and a proper water cut, that amount is easy. Even though I don't normally recommend cutting for a first meet, this might be an exception.


Only federation with 93kg class is IPF... 2hr weigh in...

Making weight - if this is your only chance to qualify for the upcoming nationals, I would cut. If you can just diet down properly and compete later, just have fun at your first meet!


This is good advice.


Just did my second meet today. Got first in the 242 weight class. Thing is- I wanted to compete in the 259. The AC in my car is broken and I drove for an hour and a from Florida to Mississippi with the windows down. I was 250 before I left and 241 when I weighed in.. I did the 24HR weigh in also.. Sooo personally I would just compete in whatever you weigh in as. Honestly that weight I lost effected my lifting a lot.


I always tell people don't bother for your first meet, everything you do is a PR.


I would not worry about cutting.
If you are that close just see where you weigh at the time of the weigh in.
Their scales might weigh light?
Enjoy the meet, and look at it this way, you'd be at the low end of the upper class.

SQ - 970
BP - 740
DL - 848


I wouldn't worry too much about cutting. If you can lose the 2.5 kg you need by cleaning up your diet, fine. You could try dropping 1-1.5 kg per week and you'd be sweet.

Maybe a 5/2 intermittent fasting approach would help? I do that weekly anyway and it has precisely zero effect on my performance. Every week, on two non-consecutive non-training days eat only breakfast and then nothing for 12 hours, then dinner. In the interim stay hydrated.